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Buck for atachi00
Probably one of the coolest and most creative characters I've ever seen - a trophy-mounted deer head with a ghostly body

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i love this,it looks so beautiful <3
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Thank you! c:
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Wow! Very Colorful and I love the design!
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Thanks so much! :D 
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wow... lovely artwork~!:)
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Thank you! ♥
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very majestic and very cool and love the title
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Thanks so much! 
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Amazing colors!
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How can everything you make be so pretty? How can one person generate this much amazing art?? Even something kinda goofy and cute like a disembodied deer head comes out as epic-looking as anything else. Please lend me some of your wisdom, o incredible artist!
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Oh man this comment has totally made my day, thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words! ;u; ♥

As for some actual advice - I think it's really about trying to inject your own artistic flair into whatever you're drawing. Even if it's something you're not really thrilled to draw, or something you find boring, TRY to find something about it that you find appealing, or that you can add to make it fun. Maybe you really like big teeth, or you really like the color purple, or decorative swirly lineart, or you find sleeping poses fun to draw - whatever it is! Try to add something you enjoy into the drawing to make it fun for you, and you'll get good (or at least entertaining) results with just about anything you try to draw! :D
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Thank you! I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the advice. :) 
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AAAA Thanks again!!
I still love it a lot Heart Heart 
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np! Looking forward to next year! :D
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Oh man we ran into a car
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Haha, thanks! I do think the way I stylized the antlers makes it look a bit like a Dr. Seuss character XD
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You're Welcome!
Also Does It Have Pupils Or That I Saw Was Just A Shine?
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No pupils, that's just a shine :)
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