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The Rooster Teeth Extra Life livestream usually has a "Bob Ross" segment, where everyone tries (or doesn't) to follow along with an episode of "The Joy of Painting". Normally I just like to sit and watch everyone struggle with paints, but they drew digitally this year, so I thought I would try to follow along, too!
I'm sure I could get this looking better if I refined it more, but I wanted to stick purely to the allotted painting time in the episode. Bob Ross paints so fast, it's hard to keep up!

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shyWolfy24's avatar

this looks really cool! I just cant really understand how Bob Ross makes a painting look like a photo in less than thirty minutes... I probably need to start practicing landscapes again o﹏o Haven't done one in like six months lol

KiRAWRa's avatar

I suppose in Bob Ross' case, after you paint a few hundred landscapes, you might get good at it XD

I certainly needed the practice!

FireBlazeDragon5's avatar

That looks really good! I need to work on my landscapes... :d I guess I better take some classes from Bob Ross.

KiRAWRa's avatar

Thank you! I definitely need to practice my landscapes too, Bob Ross is a great teacher!

AussieHobbyYeah's avatar

Woah you got this done only during the episode? I don't want to know how long I took with pausing :D Looks great though :heart:

KiRAWRa's avatar

It was during a livestream, so I couldn't pause it even if I wanted to X'D Had to work fast!

CCMillustration's avatar

This is REAL gud!

KiRAWRa's avatar

Thank you! ♥

Forever-Art-Fan's avatar

That's why I had always watch each episode a couple of times to catch the way he did things.

Great job at though.

KiRAWRa's avatar

Thanks! I would love to try this with real paints one of these days, following along digitally was not quite as easy as you'd think!

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