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Dioxide and Monoxide

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Published: September 28, 2008
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omg not more characters!!

I need to start making refs..

2 new characters: Dioxide (Ide) and Monoxide (Ox) are brothers, but both of them are blind in the opposite eye

but they can telepathically borrow the other's good eye in order to see properly. They can also communicate telepathically, though I don't see how that would be useful seeing as how they're always chained to eachother anyway : \

except when they psychically borrow the form of another for a temporary amount of time
...but I'll blab about all that later..
they also like to eat glowsticks.

and yes they do have human forms
I'm just too lazy to draw them.

Please visit my website for prints, commission info, and more: [link]
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Human forms?
Two human males chained together by collars.
Sounds like the big gay
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LMAO see this is why I need to draw their human forms, so people don't keep thinking that XD
The chain isn't visible as humans, but they'd still be tethered within a certain range of each other by and invisible force.
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TheSkyPackHobbyist Traditional Artist
The one wolf is like: Uh... bruh U need some help for sure... .-.
Look's Good Though! ;)
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Hehe I am sure he does not enjoy being chained to his brother because of that XD
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TheSkyPackHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah I see that... :D Haha
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very nice characters :aww: love the colors :meow:
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Thank you! I've been meaning to do some more recent art of them.. they need a bit of an update!
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Aory-chanHobbyist General Artist
I love the markings and the colours <3
The poses are great too ^.^
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i love these guys

so cool
their physical designs and the idea behind them... the chain is a cool addition
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Thanks very much! Glad you like them :3
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PatchKatzHobbyist Writer
nice! It's good to see new stuff right out of the oven more often :3
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yeah, like cookies! 8D LoL.
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PatchKatzHobbyist Writer
:3 Yezh...
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coool o3o

pfft your not the only one who should start makeing refs >.>;;
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Hella-BrightHobbyist Artist
This just oozes epic sauce
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it also oozes fluorophor and cyalume!
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o.o i like the nicer one X3....
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heehee~ yup, thats Monoxide :3
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Well hes my fav so far X3.. o.o the other one is scurry with his fangs showing so much... *bops dioxide and scoots back fast* NO COOKIES FOR JOO~!
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