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Aywas Rule 34



No 'parts' are really showing here but it is highly suggestive, so I've put it under a mature tag just to be safe! 

This all started when Ignatiaus came into chat one day talking about an utter lack of "Aywas porn"
Jokingly, I offered to draw her some
Which turned into not-so-jokingly when she threw some actual money at me and made it an official commission 
So here's two of Iggy's married pets making some babs the old fashioned way ;0

I know you guys aren't used to seeing this kind of content from me, but I've been trying all kinds of new stuff lately so why not add some adult art to the pile? XD (There isn't actually anything under the censor, I just put it there to make it seem more raunchy, hahaha)
Also, this does not mean I will be doing adult-themed commissions - Iggy is a friend and this was drawn partly as a joke.

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Ahaha this looks really nice tho! Super cute : P