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What sort of art do you like to see me submit the most? 

15 deviants said Personal art of your characters/stories/headworld things
5 deviants said Virtual pet art of fantasy creatures
4 deviants said General fantasy art of dragons and mythical beasts
2 deviants said Virtual pet art of canines
2 deviants said Traditional art of things you sew like plushies and costumes
1 deviant said Traditional art of your sculptures, carvings, and the like
1 deviant said Other? (comment)


United States
Heya, I'm KiRAWRa! I'm an artist specializing in spastic hand scribbles resembling animals, overuse of neon colors, and never drawing my OCs. I can be found just about anywhere - my other pages are linked below!

Art: | Fur Affinity | Weasyl | FAQ | TOS |

Social: | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch |

Stores: | Etsy | TeePublic | Redbubble | Commissions |

^ animation made by kittygomou
Third and last part of the Christmas art features! Thank you everyone for viewing and spreading some holiday cheer to your fellow artists! Christmas Tree 

I went through the galleries of these artists and picked out some of my favorites, so if you like my stuff, there's a good chance you will like these too! ♥ 
Some of y'all made it VERY hard to choose!

:iconknask: Knask
Hang Son Doong by Knask  Palma by Knask  Reptiles by Knask

:iconsoulstrype: SoulStrype
theres a BEE????? by SoulStrype  what is da title by SoulStrype hey goo goo okay goo goo by SoulStrype

:iconcaliguican: Caliguican
Xmas Gift: Gupel by Caliguican  Xmas Gift: Kit by Caliguican  Bloot by Caliguican

:iconwolfguns: wolfguns
BrackenStorm by wolfguns  i could watch you forever by wolfguns  have a cigar by wolfguns

:iconant1t0x1n: ANT1T0X1N
Hey, look. by ANT1T0X1N  waheey!! by ANT1T0X1N  Red door by ANT1T0X1N

:icona-twilight-child: a-twilight-child
I Miss You by a-twilight-child  Happy Halloween  by a-twilight-child  snow redraw by a-twilight-child

:iconbluedrawin: bluedrawin
Cat Ahoge by bluedrawin  Luther by bluedrawin  Cascade Icon by bluedrawin

:iconcrashquartz: CrashQuartz
Roxanne by CrashQuartz  A Couple of Idiots by CrashQuartz  Bull Buddy by CrashQuartz

:iconthatfurryartist: ThatFurryArtist
Incomprehensible by ThatFurryArtist  Flower friends by ThatFurryArtist  Lines and edges by ThatFurryArtist

:iconxglitchkittyx: xGlitchKittyx
Shaggy by xGlitchKittyx  Funky Fellow by xGlitchKittyx  Stien by xGlitchKittyx

:iconrocheleheart10: rocheleheart10
Kildascope  Xmas by rocheleheart10  china by rocheleheart10  ABSTRACT underwater design by rocheleheart10

:iconmadejvevo: madejVEVO
LolaDrawsDA [COM] by madejVEVO  americans be out here eating beesed churger by madejVEVO  Rooftop by madejVEVO

:icondeanqa: DeanQa
[IA] - Snowball fight by DeanQa  [COMMISSION] Coca-cola-ola hey! by DeanQa  [C] Fangless by DeanQa

:iconcloureedart: CloureedArt
Christmas Gift: A Horse Lady by CloureedArt  Redraw: Brianna and Kingdra by CloureedArt  Aree: Badge by CloureedArt 

:iconsojubean: sojubean
Birdfolk MYO Design Commission - goopyhalos by sojubean  Willow Tree by sojubean  bird custom by sojubean

:icongamjubean: gamjubean
[c] Seiden (#31516) by gamjubean  [c] Astaroth (#54882) by gamjubean  So Do Dreams Come True? by gamjubean

:iconzachadile: zachadile
PARTY TIME by zachadile  jesus christ man what the hell is wrong with you by zachadile  SO FULL OF YOURSELF by zachadile

:iconkaleidopup: Kaleidopup
Fawndust by Kaleidopup  Head Pixels for Crywolf130 by Kaleidopup  SS - requested beans by Kaleidopup

:iconpeachskiies: peachskiies
[p] can u save my heavy dirty soul 2 by peachskiies  (p) allo icon for my bestie by peachskiies  EXAMPLE YCH FINISHED  by peachskiies

:iconsylthian: Sylthian
[AT] - Absinth by Sylthian  [AF] - Mikhael by Sylthian  [GA]- Bicon by Sylthian

:icondraccooon: Draccooon
udhfih I love this species by Draccooon  Tideclaw Adopt [OPEN] by Draccooon  Goretober day 1 Acid burn by Draccooon

:icongwynieve: Gwynieve
[Payment Art] An experimental painting headshot~ by Gwynieve  DTA Entry - Intaurs in Autumn by Gwynieve  Bagbean Hands AGH by Gwynieve

:iconniuxey: Niuxey
[YCH AUCTION] What water give me by Niuxey  Energy Drink by Niuxey  VooDoo Tiger by Niuxey

:iconmiconomicon: Miconomicon
Dimplet AT by Miconomicon  Catriona Gray by Miconomicon  Spider-man: Intothe Spider-Verse fan art by Miconomicon

:iconaracollie: aracollie
Let love be love again [C] by aracollie  Firestorm Prologue [TWWM Event] by aracollie  How the wood grows [AT] by aracollie

It was a real treat getting to look through all of your galleries and seeing all the wonderfully unique things you make! Thank you so much for sharing your art with the world ♥
View [Part 1] and [Part 2] in case you missed them!

Looking forward to how much we're all going to grow as artists in 2019 ♥ Keep practicing and trying new things! Proud of you all!


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debureturns Featured By Owner Edited Dec 24, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Hello! Just checked out your portfolio, which features some great artwork; your flair for bold colours is particularly outstanding. Not that the lines and other bits aren't just as fabulous, but your colouring is on another level. :nod:

I actually got to your account after reading your article about artwork copyright; it's very thorough and interesting. Personally, I've been bleating on about how you shouldn't sell fan-art for longer than I can remember; I'm of the mind that you either make money from other people's work, or you don't. Even if it exists, I'm sure that the legal system doesn't recognise the possibility of a 'grey area', so why take the risk?

Anyway, enough of the serious. Great art and writing - thank you for sharing your work with us. :dummy:
KiRAWRa Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018
Wow, thank you so much! C: I'm really glad you like what I do! ♥
debureturns Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
No worries! It was a privilege to experience your work; you're a very talented artist. :nod:
LostSoul-88 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is so colorful and creative, I love it!
KiRAWRa Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2018
Aw, thank you so much! ;u; ♥
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