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Morrigan Dragon Age

By kirawinter
I know, Kirana looks like out of character here... But nothing I can do - her face so cute and pretty, I am sure that you all will agree with me >_<

This time white magic of something I even didnt know... We made a big cleaning after casting all this spells xDDD

:iconthe-kirana: as Morrigan from DAO
Photo by me :iconkirawinter:

More photos--->>>

:thumb251052950: :thumb244529889: :thumb256329529:

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I really like this series of photos....this is perfect for the character, nice job Heart Heart Heart .:Bunny chuu:. .:Bunny chuu:. .:Bunny chuu:.
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Beautiful Pose!!!!!!!please MORE.... Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon Pink Heart Icon 
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I can only say that it is really wonderful!You keep grabbed my heart!
Please continue with this series!
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Beautiful young lady, great costume! :) (Smile) 
A very beautiful Morrigan, but a little too bright for a snarky dark character.
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awesome cosplay
I do know why, but the her shirt/robes (or whatever it is suppose to be called that Morrigan wore that left her very bare) could have been tweaked slightly. A darker shade of purple would've matched a lot better with the Morrigan from Dragon Age. I also would suggest to have used some sort of adhesive to keep the "robe" over the bikini a bit more, much like it was in the concept art.… I have nothing against the bikini, just how much of it has been exposed. Also, I love the jewelry. Pretty much hit it spot on!
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Es una belleza Hibiya Amamiya (Looks) 
yeah does seem like out of character morrigan is like a bitchy type of character that doesn't really show on her face
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This is awesome! I've never seen a Morrigan cosplay before.
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This is amazing. You have such a beautiful face.
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Amazing Morrigan!!!
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Morrigan was so contradictory, and yet so self-centered. Morrigan wanted to be like no one and feel beautiful, yet her very logic limited her to be how she wanted. She claimed to have no interest in beauty, but she likes gifts for personal care. She claims love to limit her, but when you discuss to her on the contrary, she doubts herself.

Unless it's about magic, any theme of discussion causes doubts and curiosity in her. Considering that Flemmeth gave her away to help the "Grey Warden", seemed more like if she was sacrificing her protecting role over her, like if her daughter was finally coming of age. I haven't finished DA: O, but as far as I've played, I can tell that much from her.
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Used your awesome photo as reference for my drawing study [link]
Hope you like it! :) Credit given as it should ;)
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amazing picture!!!!!!! so beautiful
Z-Senpai's avatar
She looks to perfect ._.
Thought she even was a doll at first oAo
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NICELY DONE! I luuuuuuuv morrigan~
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wow you're gorgeous
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