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Detroit Become Human Kara

By kirawinter
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Me as Kara, photo by 小镜镜镜镜镜镜

Want to have offtopic chat :)
This weekend I saw one hot cosplay photography topic in Chinese weibo: cosplayer made appointment with photographer on 31st of December, wearing Chinese traditional hanfu with photoshoot taking place on the outdoor location. So, when they were almost over, mother of this cosplayer-girl come to photoshoot and started threat photographer that her daughter in under aged, and why this pervert man made her little baby wear only a very light clothes, when he was wearing a coat. At the end she even called police, using “youre an adult you must be responsible for my under aged daughter”. Of course police told her that its not their business, after that cosplayer mother demanded photographer send all photo files to her(without complete payment) and erase them from camera. So, I really want to hear from cosplay photographers - have you ever had hardships with under aged cosplayers parents? Or you never work with them?
As for me, I think cosplay is for every age, but it would be better to have parents agreement before take minors photos. Because yes, you work with this person, but you’ll never know what kind parents are behind them.
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Great cosplay from become human.
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Kara! :) wonderful!
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KiriaLaetetiaHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Love the game, love this picture

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Very brilliant cosplay. You look amazing. Clap 
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Zeroth57Hobbyist Photographer
As a photographer; you must be aware of the laws and have an understanding of what is required for shooting people of any age. Under the age of 18 in my country requires parental permission and there are laws that apply to what you can photograph. Meaning what the person is wearing.

You should always have the model bring a friend, guardian, or parent and this is required if they are underage.
And you should have an assistant (i.e., makeup or otherwise) to help you so that you can avoid this type of problem.

And have them sign an agreement up front...
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wolfclane40Student Digital Artist
I noticed this from 27527253723 miles away
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kirawinterProfessional Photographer
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That PC is whatever is left of her boyfriend before he kicked the scrap bucket!
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kirawinterProfessional Photographer
Nono, thats Kara grandmother :D
trizero91489's avatar
Oh really? then that b**ch is dead!
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I think anybody should be able to do cosplay, knowing everyone isn't going to be pleased it's a passion y'know?

People perceive things as the worst nowadays. 

I think parent's should be very responsible for everything that has to do with their children, respect and all that.

Of coarse, i'm not a photographer in capturing people's cosplay, i'm just being perspective.

Other than that, I love the lighting in this, Kara seem's very thoughtful, and it looks like my dream gaming pc! (I can't afford one lol)

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kirawinterProfessional Photographer
Thank you for the thoughtful opinion :D
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sweetdreamz12Hobbyist Filmographer
I thought I saw Lightsabers :P
kirawinter's avatar
kirawinterProfessional Photographer
Hahah, well, I can see why :)
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caulfieldingsHobbyist Digital Artist
RHGDINKG DAMN THAT'S COOL! I thought this was a painting or something when I first saw this!! ;;
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kirawinterProfessional Photographer
Thank you!
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billyds132Hobbyist General Artist
TBH bought a ps4 just for this game, and loved it.
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kirawinterProfessional Photographer
I think I would do the same, but I already bought it for persona 5 :D
billyds132's avatar
billyds132Hobbyist General Artist
Have yet to get Persona, forgot about that one
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chacrawarriorHobbyist General Artist
Here it is a picture of kara with her great great great grandmother.
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kirawinterProfessional Photographer
Hahaha, thats a best comment ever :D
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OfficialAnErrorHobbyist General Artist
It gave me flashbacks to the actual game, oh jesus, I'm feeling things..

Real good job btw!
kirawinter's avatar
kirawinterProfessional Photographer
Thank you! Game is beyond words :)
OfficialAnError's avatar
OfficialAnErrorHobbyist General Artist
^u^ no problem fam!
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