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Creepy Story - Photographer

By kirawinter
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Do you remember story that I made two years ago, "Keyhole"? I want to made few. I like watch horror movies, but I cant made movie... So I can made photo story xDDD
If you have interesting short creepy stories, send them to me! Or maybe someone can write a plot? But I need really creepy one >8D If you have one, we can made it alive, hahaha. (Note, send me a note!)

So, "K" 团长
Plot :iconbetinafei:
Proofreading :iconstar-stickies:
Photo and editing by me :iconkirawinter:

Also you can read my another creepy story "Keyhole", here

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This one was cool
MattyXJeevas4blue's avatar
Omg nooooooo!! D: haha, so freaky....
SasukeIshMyne's avatar
That's creepy, haha. I loved that, quite disturbing.
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FyshisHobbyist General Artist
Cool :)
sakura-deathnote's avatar
sakura-deathnoteHobbyist Photographer
wow, you guys look like dolls or something, hahaha!
amayaangeline's avatar
amayaangelineHobbyist Digital Artist
It's that real? If yes it's creepy!!! :iconscaredplz:
RamenRobot's avatar
RamenRobot Traditional Artist
im glad i gave this a read, pretty creepy. :D
Alexia-Muller's avatar
Alexia-MullerHobbyist General Artist
BWAHAHHAHA))) just like the ones from my childhood)
sharkRAIE's avatar
sharkRAIEProfessional General Artist
I'll never camp!
Sept1st's avatar

Amazing photos.
Aleaks's avatar
I've read that short creepypasta in spanish before, but good jod, though for some reason this didn't disturbed me so much now, maybe is the photos, dunno :/.
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fooxdHobbyist Digital Artist
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RubyDaSquirlzHobbyist General Artist
Very unique way to tell a story, I'm gonna read Keyhole now.
Any more of these? They're amazing in this format~!
Great going! ^_^
Mana-hime's avatar
your creepy photostories are awsome
hope to see more
MrsMephisto's avatar
i had to read comments to get why it was creepy
i found it pretty cute because i thought it was his secret boyfriend or something :c
something must be wrong with me xD
SweetIris's avatar
SweetIrisHobbyist General Artist
I love this type of story telling. (Just like a picture book)
It's simple, yet striking.
I would love to send you a plot story.
May I ask what language are you looking for though?
Nerdy-Viking's avatar
Nerdy-VikingHobbyist Traditional Artist
nice! Very simple but effective
malanaks's avatar
malanaksHobbyist Digital Artist
I swear that first image of K is a manikin
ColourfulRain's avatar
I thought the same at first! I was thinking "Is this picture taken with dolls? But that's a real bus!"
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blacklotus714Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty good but the first sentence is awkward. If you say "I met my friend, K, once" it sounds as if you only met them one time. Rather, a sentence such as "One time, I was meeting up with my friend K" or "Once, my friend K and I decided to meet up". Pretty good overall though :)
TaliC-os's avatar
TaliC-osProfessional Digital Artist
Keyhole has 2 years already? o-o
ProFingerboarder's avatar
ProFingerboarderProfessional Photographer
lmao thats hilarious, btw you guys looks super damn hawt <3
Halloween-reject's avatar
Halloween-rejectHobbyist General Artist
Now that's creepy.
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lol what a twist XD

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