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King of Diamonds: Mentality :iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 1 0
King of Diamonds: Library
It did not matter that Ceaser was stumbling around in the general area he assumed the Library was in, it was hidden and he could not find it. This was too hard; he was a scientist not a detective. Of course, theoretically, he could have made the wrong calculations and the Library was nowhere near his current location, but that was impossible. The code had not been particularly hard and his intellectual capacity should have enabled him to uncover the correct coordinates accurately, would it not? He started to look down as he walked, slumping, as he trudged on. The toxic waste shimmered in a myriad of colours; he kicked the loose particles, producing a muffled noise and a small cloud. The dispersion of light was becoming erratic, making the world shift and change, his vision dancing as the colours swirled before him.
  A regular blue flash and short frequency beeping caught his attention. What? He was offline, so how was a signal being transmitted to him? Strange, he examined h
:iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 0 0
King of Diamonds: Hourglass
Ceaser felt smug as he crouched in one of the ventilation shafts. If he managed to do this correctly then he could dictate the length of the classes, within reason of course. He had already set off the alarm that would ensure the classrooms vacancy for a while. However, he still had to crawl through the ventilation system so none of the sweepers would pick him up as a 'missing' student. But unfortunately it did not feel like a brilliant plan at that point. It was uncomfortable, dusty. He sneezed twice, already feeling less satisfied with the direction of the experiment.
  How irritating. Ceaser sneezed again, this had better be worth it. He was not entirely certain about what he was looking for but he was mostly sure he knew where to look for it. The school was the only place in the City, which he knew of, that made people do things at a particular point in their lives. All his classes were the same length and this length was dictated by a sound. This sound or the information
:iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 1 5
King of Diamonds
Approach. Down wind. Crouching. Low. Watch. Still. Target. Blood. Focus. Breathe stench. Move. Fear. Focus. Run. Near. Leap. Pounce. Slam. Bite. Snap.
Flick, lazy, flick. Call. Wind. Scent. Twitch. Call, response. Call. Turn. Rub. Surrounded. Quiet. Brother, Sister. Brushing, fur. Feed, now. Grab. Tug. Tear. Bite. Swallow. Wander. Sleep
Sound. Twitch. Alert. Danger? Run. Flat. Open. Space. Run. Faster. Closer. Run. Run.
:iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 0 1
. by KiraVerityforever . :iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 0 0 Naruto by KiraVerityforever Naruto :iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 0 1
Blind in the Dark
She turned, whips sliding out of their tight coils as she peered down the dark street into the unusual blackness. There were no street lamps in this area to light her way, but she liked it that way. The albino girl closed her eyes; listening to the small sounds made by the animals that crawl around under cover of darkness, trying to discern the unnatural sounds. Yes, it was faint but there was another sound beneath the normal soft clamour of the night.
She opened her eyes and, with a flick of her wrists, returned the whips to their usual places on her hips. However she didn't completely disarm herself, the strong slim blade about the length of a bread knife was silently unsheathed and placed in her mouth. She reconsidered coiling her weapon on her hips and quickly wrapped them around her forearms instead.
"Damn I only brought the light weight whips, they're not much good for anything except stealth ops and strangling", she muttered softly as she continued walking. The handles of the wh
:iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 0 8
Olivia by KiraVerityforever Olivia :iconkiraverityforever:KiraVerityforever 3 1


Heaven's Night Angel by HB-Duran Heaven's Night Angel :iconhb-duran:HB-Duran 3 3 Fighter of Darkness by Stephvanrijn Fighter of Darkness :iconstephvanrijn:Stephvanrijn 1,537 213
The Grammar Gangsters
Beware the grammar gangsters!
The mafia of the literary underworld.
They saunter into stanzas,
Weapons concealed
Under their trench coats
Or in violin cases.
They can make you talk,
"With just a few well-placed speech marks,"
Leave you shouting! Where you should have whispered!
And pulp your bold statements into quavering questions?
They can, pepper, your, phrases with, commas,
Or bring your piece to a dead.
They'll trap you (between brackets)
As you - dash - to the exit.
Then: punch a blunted colon
Into the gut of your text
Or worse;
Force-feed you a poisonous semicolon,
Then hack/slash your work to shreds.
The grammar gangsters
Never leave survivors.
Readers discover the victims
In the back alleys of the library,
Left unfinished,
In a tommy-gun ellipsis...
:iconcyberphantom:CyberPhantom 682 509
Sakura weep by sakimichan Sakura weep :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 10,051 249
Destroy This Poem
Destroy This Poem
To the person grading this poem
To the kind, patient woman hovering over this with a pen
Waiting to say kind, patient words in response, do me a favor:
Stop it.
Don’t Patronize me.
I did not slave over this with hammer and anvil
Shaping it into a masterpiece.
I didn’t paint it onto the ceiling of some church,
Going blind from the pain and the stress.
I didn’t even turn this in on time.
And while I’m writing this in my fifth-period economy class,
You can bet I’m not concerned with iambs and troches and Italian terza rima.
No, I’m concerned with how much water is left in my water bottle.
This isn’t a masterpiece.
Who are we kidding?
You’re not going to hurt it, and you most certainly aren’t going to hurt me.
Stop it.
Don’t patronize me.
I want you to destroy my work.
I want you to rip it to shreds with sadistic dominatrix glee.
Tear it apart from margin to margin;
Laugh openly at its crippled, struggling body.
Stab throu
:iconniedec:niedec 1,236 524
Blood Knight Ultimate by KodamaCreative Blood Knight Ultimate :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 237 37 I'll Quit Singing by Sparky-hime
Mature content
I'll Quit Singing :iconsparky-hime:Sparky-hime 4 3
Psych notebook: I am justice by k-ee-ran Psych notebook: I am justice :iconk-ee-ran:k-ee-ran 14 15 dA ID by Every-Word-I-Type dA ID :iconevery-word-i-type:Every-Word-I-Type 2 7 Animator vs. Animation by alanbecker Animator vs. Animation :iconalanbecker:alanbecker 169,235 39,761 Hotsuma by Mik-al Hotsuma :iconmik-al:Mik-al 197 25
Contest: Soren x Micaiah
All That's Left
It didn't look like a day had passed, Micaiah thought as she looked at him. Her breath was sharp as she took it in. She cleared her throat, trying to cover it up, though as her vision blurred a little she realized that she couldn't ignore her emotions anymore. Lord, she'd stared at her husband's face in a casket for the past few hours and hadn't felt the sting of tears at all-why now?
She'd looked at Sothe, so worn, so aged. They'd dressed him in kingly attire-whoever they were; she had avoided the funeral planning-and covered his frailty, yet she knew it was there nonetheless. She could remember how his arms once strong around her had become gaunt, needed to be held instead of doing the holding. His skin had gotten loose and hair had gone grey. The corners of his eyes were creased from good laughs that he'd had and but there were also wrinkles at each side of his mouth that brought to mind his tendency to scowl. That face had entranced her through the whole cere
:icondemon-katt:Demon-Katt 21 23
FAAAAAAAANSERVICE by SparxPunx FAAAAAAAANSERVICE :iconsparxpunx:SparxPunx 336 177 :Rainbows and Stars: by Asher-Bee :Rainbows and Stars: :iconasher-bee:Asher-Bee 4,380 1,039



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This is me but I'm not her. Bad drawing I know,

Current Residence: My head
Favourite genre of music: Anything as long as it doesn't irritate me
Favourite style of art: I like art full stop although I probably lean more towards dance and 'art'
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I GOT A SILVER MEDAL AT NATIONALS!!!!!! yes I know we're awesome and I'm awesome too because I'm not one of the bottom 5 on the team and I'm the youngest ^^

Oh and kids you were great, actually you were epic and I'm sooooooooooooo proud of you, the medal doesn't matter we scored higher than the other team we just didn't beat them so BE HAPPY!! (yes that is an order ^^)

lol I'm so hyper


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