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You make your way into a small, brightly colored house. It smells like paint and books and the lighting is great here... a perfect place for artists and authors alike to relax and let their creativity flow. Across the room, a plain colored Kiratzu hums as she paints a canvas. You say hello, startling her for a moment. She quickly turns, splattering paint onto the floor in her excitement. She doesn't seem to care about her clumsy mishap, thankfully, and looks eager to see you!

"Oh my! Well hello there, I didn't hear ya come in! My name is Doodle. Are you here to join me? Everyone is welcome to join in the fun!"

The prompt of the month is: "Welcome to the Village Shadow"!

Shadow is feeling a little down since she had to stop being a pirate, she could use some cheering up!

Here's how you can participate!

★ By default, you will earn 1000 tokens for completing the prompt. Digital or traditional is fine. (Writing prompts are welcome as well and must be at least 1000 words.)
◆ Put a little care into it! It must be colored to count. Sketches are fine as long as they're relatively cleaned up and colored.
★ In a writing mood? Write a 300 or more word description (a mini story to go with your image) for an extra +200 tokens!
◆ Adding an extra Kiratzu in your image will get you an extra +300 tokens! (Only applies once! This amount does not stack. Please note that adding the featured Kiratzu of the month will not stack Tokens for the monthly Kiratzu bonus, as both images need to be separate and unique.)
★ Making it extra pretty with shading will get you an extra +200 tokens. NOTE: Noticeable, obvious Shading must be on all of the character to count. Gradients cannot count.
◆ Adding a background will get you an extra +300 tokens! (Must be more than an abstract pattern or solid/gradient color.)
★ You can enter the prompt up to 2 times a month. (However, the second entry will only count for half points.) 
◆ Make sure you have permission to draw other people's Kiratzus if you need someone to draw! You can also use one of the NPCs whenever you'd like:…
Once you are done, please send a note to this account! We will award you with your tokens. (Please do not comment with your entries!)

In total, each month, you can earn up to 3000 Tokens (if prompt is drawn twice; If prompt is drawn only once, the total will be 2000.) 
Want to offer your Kiratzu up for free art? You can comment below with your Kiratzu if you'd like to let people know you're accepting gift art. If you need a Kiratzu to draw but don't want to draw an NPC, see below if anyone is offering theirs below.

IMPORTANT NOTE as of January 2019: Drawing the Kiratzu of the month in the same image as the monthly prompt is no longer allowed (Or will only count for the 'extra Kiratzu' bonus of +300.) Both images must be unique to count for each each respected activity. This is to encourage more art.

But that's not all! Anyone who enters the monthly prompt will automatically be entered for a chance to be chosen for "Kiratzu of the Month"! Your Kiratzu will be featured on the group's front page, where people can draw them for extra Tokens each month!
(Note: You must have a Kiratzu yourself to be counted towards this.)

Please submit prompt entries into our art and writing folder! ^^
Have fun everyone!
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