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eternal champion II
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This is a real Fëanor Curufinwё, a key protagonist of Tolkien's Silmarillion! He's great!
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Cool. Would you mind if I use him for a character refereance? The picture is so good and I would give all credit to you, I promise. 
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I'm not sure who he is, but I think of Fingolfin. He is truly a Champion of Middle earth. Beautiful art!
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He's gorgeous!  Heart   
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He looks like Curufinwe, one of the awesome sons of Feanor from Tolkiens Silmarillion.
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Still trying to work out which champion he is. I have a few in mind but I'm not too sure.

Anyway this is wonderful and the pose has a nice sense of movement to it.
That looks like Luka! (Bayonetta).
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Amazingly detailed!
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Nise pose *.*
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I see it with a different background oo'
Beautiful artwork :)
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Finally I've found the author of this picture!!!
I have a picture with the frame and with the help of Tineye programme I came across with your page. I love this work!!! It's really great!
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Love the colors,details,style,perspective ..all :D
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hey sorry to bug you!
Today I saw a book and thought the cover looked nice and send it to a friend,
who said that it's oddly familiar.

you know this?
(if it doesn't work, it's Fyrgar by Uschi Zietsch)
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I saw this one on the cover of a book and thoght, hey, I KNOW this picture... lol...
Now I found it again...
I think it looks better in these colors than on the book, though. ^^
Anyway... Great picture!
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Is that the zerg symbol on his ring? No wonder he's eternal! HE'S INFESTED!!! D:
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Amazing illus!!
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That red glow is distinctly bloody, organic looking, wounded.Wow.
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Absolut fantastic image.
Great colors! Dynamic movement...

Just great!
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This is absolutely beautiful I love the angle, the pose and the coloring.

His hand(s) look great aswell, I completely envyy people that can draw a nice set of hands.

Great! I might buy this as a print in the future!...When I'm rich that is ;)
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WOW! I love his clothes! He's very sexy, too, which helps. ^___^;;;

I love how he is looking onward, as if he's looking at distant stars or something.

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