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uno divider by RRRAI uno divider by RRRAI

Credits: :iconfluffylink::iconisanctz:

Pink.Rose.Box.Divider by PhoebeRose Pink.Rose.Box.Divider by PhoebeRose Pink.Rose.Box.Divider by PhoebeRose

Fanmerch for sale ^^


Noragami Keychain + Little shrine by Kirara-CecilVenes Noragami Keychain - Yato + 5 Yen Coin by Kirara-CecilVenes
Digimon Merchandise by Kirara-CecilVenes
Nanatsu no Taizai Acrylic Keychain by Kirara-CecilVenes Cardcaptor Sakura Acrylic Keychain by Kirara-CecilVenes
Fullmetal Alchemist Acrylic Keychain by Kirara-CecilVenes Pikazard Acrylic Keychain by Kirara-CecilVenes

2015 Art Summary

2015 Art Summary by Kirara-CecilVenes

Chibi Pokemon <3

Chibi Eevee by Kirara-CecilVenesChibi Flareon by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi - Vaporeon by Kirara-CecilVenesChibi Jolteon by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi - Espeon by Kirara-CecilVenesChibi - Umbreon by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Glaceon by Kirara-CecilVenesChibi - Leafeon by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Sylveon by Kirara-CecilVenes

Featured works <3

CE - Sweet Up Your Life by Kirara-CecilVenes

Mitomu by Kirara-CecilVenes

Sylveon Gijinka by Kirara-CecilVenes

3D Model - Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris - 3D model by Kirara-CecilVenes

Chibis ٩(๑òωó๑)۶

Code: Realize Acrylic Keychain and Sticker by Kirara-CecilVenes
Collar x Malice Acrylic Standee by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Ichika by Kirara-CecilVenes
Happy b'day Lisa! by Kirara-CecilVenes
Happy b'day Takeru! by Kirara-CecilVenes
Happy b'day Impey by Kirara-CecilVenes
Happy b'day Kei! by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Shiraishi Kageyuki by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Seven and Gulpin by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Lupin and Cardia by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Shiraishi Kageyuki and Hoshino Ichika by Kirara-CecilVenes
Persona Series Acrylic Keychain by Kirara-CecilVenes

My own made short animation ^^


The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom-Poster by Kirara-CecilVenes


The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom-Banner by Kirara-CecilVenes



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^^ Commission ^^ - Update 12 Nov 2018

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 20, 2013, 3:50 AM

My Profile PageMy GalleryMy Journal

Please read carefully all the rules before commissioning from me ^^


  • Payment will be made via PayPal, for Indonesian I accept ATM transfer (1$ USD = 14k IDR). All price in list is in $ USD. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that you choose "No address needed" when sending the money. With this Paypal will know that the payment is made for a digital work and NOT a physical package.
  • Please state what you want clearly for the commission from the start. I will only do minor revision at the sketch phase, after that I will only allow base color revision. I will charge fee if you change the whole idea of the commission.
  • The time I need to finish the commission is different according to the style, please do NOT rush me, I have my life and event stuff to deal with, if I accepted your commission request I will definitely do it ^^
  • I still hold the copyright of my drawing, the character etc are still copyrighted by their respective owners. I will sign all my drawings. Do NOT delete my signature from my drawing, it's same as that you removing the credit.  
  • The commission will be only for personal use. Please send me a message if you want to use it for commercial and we can discuss it :)
  • No refund. I will ONLY refund your money if I think I can't do your commission

The drawing will have the standard size of 2048 x 2048 300 dpi, it can be changed into landscape or portrait A4 300 dpi and wallpaper size 300 dpi, Exept bust up chibi, it will be 1024 300 dpi

Do :
Pretty much I can draw anything, OC, fanart, character design, real poto reference, etc (as long as there's description or reference ). Please look up my gallery for the general feel of what I can do ^^.

Don't :
  • Gore / something like that, I still can do a little blood but not too much (I'm afraid with blood)
  • Yaoi - yuri - hentai (kissing or hugging is fine)

Price Approximations

This is the basic price of my commission. Price may be higher than in the list according too the pose, details, background addition and difficultness. 


 Bullet; Yellow  Coloring your Lineart: starting from 5$ USD Bullet; Yellow

 Bullet; Yellow  Mini Chibi Human Bullet; Yellow

  USD 8 / chara or USD 15 for 2 characters
  Additional BG: USD 1+

Type A (normal eyes)
Commission - Winter and Steven by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - Whitney and N by Kirara-CecilVenes

Type B (Swirl eyes)
Commission - Isanami and Izanami by Kirara-CecilVenes

 Bullet; Yellow  Mini Chibi Animal Bullet; Yellow

USD 6-8 /chara
  Additional BG starting from USD 1+
Commission - Fufu by Kirara-CecilVenes Commission - Shibo by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - Chibi Pikachu by Kirara-CecilVenes

Commission -  Warden and Leaf Spark by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - Lunar Gaze by Kirara-CecilVenes

  Bullet; Yellow  Chibi Colored Animal Bullet; Yellow

USD 10 ~ 15 /chara
  Additional BG: USD 2+
Commission - Rafomon by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Finnick and Gigi by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - PokeyTheCat #2 by Kirara-CecilVenes

Bullet; Yellow  Sketchy Chibi 

(size 1024p)

Human (Bust up - half body): USD 8-10
(Additional character: USD 7-9/ chara)
Animal: USD 6-8
Commission - Lle Rose #2 by Kirara-CecilVenes Commission - Lle Rose #1 by Kirara-CecilVenes
Chibi Lupin and Cardia by Kirara-CecilVenes Commission - Minette by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Rin by Kirara-CecilVenes Commission - Chloe x Van Helsing by Kirara-CecilVenes
  Commission - Botan by Kirara-CecilVenes Zootopia - Nick and Judy by Kirara-CecilVenes

Bullet; Yellow  Colored Human Chibi Bullet; Yellow

USD 18-20
Additional chara: USD 15-18/ chara
Additional background :  USD 2+

Lineart Only:  USD 7-10 (Additional chara : + USD 5-8 / chara)
Commission - Alison by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Shani JKT48 by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - Arata by Kirara-CecilVenes

Commission - Arata by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - raratan by Kirara-CecilVenes

Commission - Jason and Peggy by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Poe by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - ThePinkShark by Kirara-CecilVenes


  Bullet; Yellow  Anime style (with simple BG) Bullet; Yellow

  Headshot: USD 12-15
  Bust up: USD 15-20 /chara
Half body: USD 20-25 /chara
Waist up: USD 25-30 /chara
   Full Body: USD 30-35/chara
Detailed BG: USD 5-50

Commission - Lydia Aquino by Kirara-CecilVenes Commission - Rin and Eevee by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Rin Natsume [2] by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Chihaya Ohtori by Kirara-CecilVenes

   Bullet; Yellow  Pokemon Art (with simple BG) Bullet; Yellow

USD 10-17
(Add human/trainer: see price for anime style)
(I can do pokemon team in chibi too, USD 7-10 ^^)
Detailed BG: USD 5-50
Commission - Kyle and Pokemon Team by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Patrick Hayes by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Flying Team by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - vrdnt25 #2 by Kirara-CecilVenesCommission - vrdnt25 #1 by Kirara-CecilVenes
Commission - Eevee and Flit by Kirara-CecilVenesPokemon Sun Moon Countdown by Kirara-CecilVenes

If you are interested with my commission, please note me with the title "COMMISSION" (if you don't have deviantart, you can send me an e-mail to and fill this form:

Bullet; Blue  Name 
Bullet; Blue  Paypal e-mail (e-mail that you registered to paypal)
Bullet; Blue  Commission type (chibi lineart / anime -waist up etc) 
Bullet; Blue  Number of characters
Bullet; Blue  Reference
Bullet; Blue  Additional info (art story, poses, expression, personality, relationship etc)

Please do not send me the money before I replied your note or having an agreement about the payment ^^. All price are in US$. Paying money/point without notice will be counted as donation.

Slot taken:
  • ene - 2 sketchy chibi
  • Moreno - 1 human full body
  • :iconbeefymint: - 2 colored chibi + 2 animal
  • :iconcathelsing: - 3 sketchy chibi

I don't want to write it down but sadly I have no choice because people took my sketch/drawing without paying for it. This is also the reason why I need 50% upfront payment before working to show that you are serious on this commission
  • Foxotic, BenFoxotic - took a finished drawing without paying + block me
  • :icondresslove: :iconstage53: :icondeadlyrutabega:  - finished sketch, didn't pay
  • :iconaidanart: - finished sketch but only pay half of it
  • :iconthespiderjoe:Scammer?

Finished commission:   

Linked commission:

This is where you feature your friends.

This is where your featured deviations go.

Skin created by (c) r0se-designs



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Sorry for late reply ;;w;;
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I like Takeru the most
and you drew him really cute xD
who is your favourite ?
Kirara-CecilVenes Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Professional General Artist
Ah I see, the bad ending is depressing, so prepare yourself first ;w;)b
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Thank you very much! ^^
My fav is Shiraishi, I always fall with the angst chara orz
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