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Dead Space Unitology Font

>> Dead Space Unitology Script Font v2.2 <<

Now available on iPhone - Download

If You Are Looking for the "Dead Space Title Font" then click here.

This is the Unitology font from original Dead Space video game.
This font includes all 26 (ENG) symbols from A-Z, upper and lower case, as well as numbers from 0-9, Question mark (?), Exclamation point (!) and special symbols DBL LTR, SS and TH.

Note: This font contains special symbols - DBL LTR, SS and TH, however because I cannot make them work as a combination of letters without the use of IME's I have assigned them to "@", "$" and "%" respectively.
The unitologist script doesn't have a "0" but instead has "10", but due to the reason mentioned above I cannot make "10" work as a key combination so the symbol that represents "10" represents "0" in this font.
This font is styled.

While the font itself is made by me, the design was originally developed by Visceral Games, as such I cannot give commercial usage permissions for this font.

Place "DeadSpace.ttf" into the "Fonts" folder, located in the "Windows" dir.

Older versions:
Download Version 1.0

Special thanks to:

:iconmfox87: :iconrichdoe:

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Looking forward to using this!
RandomSealWhoLikesGD's avatar
I know X is correct, but what about other letters such as J, Q, and B? Are you sure they're correct?
Apollo9000's avatar
The fact that this exists proves that someone out there is watching over me.
Alex-Vulpix's avatar
This could come in handy.
SychoET's avatar… I used the font here~ Hope you don't mind
Harbiger152's avatar
This is Awesome !

chippewa1406's avatar
how do i type it. you know like on deviant ART and other websites
alexthewolf555's avatar
does not work for some reason
senatoracehook's avatar
Do you think you could re-link it? Neither of the download links work.
KiraPolyarush's avatar
The only old version which I still had on my PC was "1.0" so it's up, other old versions are lost though...
WoW-200's avatar
I'm so, writing this down : D
EnvisageU's avatar
Thank you, used it here: [link]
KiraPolyarush's avatar
Whoa ! That's really nice =)
Reaper81609's avatar
kinda funny, at one point i had studied this so much i actually could read it, now i look at it and my face just drops...gosh it's been so long since i've played these games.
fearthedark123's avatar
i was looking alot for the alphabet of the marker when i saw it in dead space 1 i wanted to wright them down to use as a secret code with my brother and all didn't help me that much(The one in the game)but this did me a great help! thanks!
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Can I ask you tu put this and the "DS Title" font on a different site?
Megaupload is obviously dead for some time now...
Thanks in advance, I love these fonts.
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Well, I thought you posted them, so people can download them. Or am I mistaken?
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First time on the internet ?
Khaligarth's avatar
No -_-
Forget I asked anything.
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