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Dead Space Title Font



>>> Dead Space Title Font <<<

If You Are Looking for the "Dead Space Unitology Font" then click here.

This is the Dead Space font that appears on the Box Cover and ingame on the title screen, as well as in Dead Space: Aftermath movie.
Font contains 26 ENG chars from A-Z, upper and lower case. Numbers from 0-9 and several special symbols such as Question mark (?), Exclamation point (!), plus "+", minus "-", equals "=", comma, period, colon, semicolon

While the font itself is made by me, the design was originally developed by Visceral Games, as such I cannot give commercial usage permissions for this font.

Place "DeadSpaceTitleFont.ttf" into the "Fonts" folder, located in the "Windows" dir.

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I just wanted to let you know I used this font again for a few video thumbnails again, which can be found here: (18) Cole Solos Dead Space Impossible - YouTube Thank you again for making this font!