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Dead Space Title Font

>>> Dead Space Title Font <<<

If You Are Looking for the "Dead Space Unitology Font" then click here.

This is the Dead Space font that appears on the Box Cover and ingame on the title screen, as well as in Dead Space: Aftermath movie.
Font contains 26 ENG chars from A-Z, upper and lower case. Numbers from 0-9 and several special symbols such as Question mark (?), Exclamation point (!), plus "+", minus "-", equals "=", comma, period, colon, semicolon

While the font itself is made by me, the design was originally developed by Visceral Games, as such I cannot give commercial usage permissions for this font.

Place "DeadSpaceTitleFont.ttf" into the "Fonts" folder, located in the "Windows" dir.

Special thanks to:


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Great work!
Can i ask if you could make an electric futuristic style font commission for me ?
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I just thought I would let you know I used this font in a video again.  Here's the link:…
Thankss again!
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How can I recreate the light effect on it?
james-mic's avatar
Thanks for the font
RoninTheFax's avatar
cherockee's avatar
can I use it for a commercial logo? (for a friend's site)
KiraPolyarush's avatar
Yes if my name and link to this page will be included on the website.
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I just want to let you know I've used this in my Dead Space 2 Hard Core Video. You can see it here. [link]
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Thanks for sharing =)
bansheebomb's avatar
You are welcome.
This will surely aid my project im undertaking, Dead Space: Monopoly
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Awesome work! I was looking for this font to go along with my Win 7 theme that I'v put together.
So thank you very much!!
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Awesome work on this! I'm making a PSP theme based on Dead Space and this is going to be used on the preview image.
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I used this font for the title page/cover for my novel concept. ^_^
Thought I'd credit you for the heavy use of your work in this one. :D

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Glad you liked the font)))
Keep up the good work !
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Bad ass! :D. If I use it any of my works. will link it back to you
KiraPolyarush's avatar
Glad you like it >.<
soulzdead's avatar
yup ,Really nice. Mind me asking what you use for font creation?
KiraPolyarush's avatar
Photoshop + Font Creator
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how do i use it
BeastlyVR's avatar
i want to use it can you give me a link plz
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