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1:points: = I shall make you a stamp with either a fictional character/OC/FC/celebrity/logo.
1:points: = I shall make you a stamp with a quote.
2:points: = I shall make you a stamp with both an image and a quote or word.
3:points: = I shall make you an animated stamp.
5:points: = I shall make you a button with any character + name you'd like. (No quotes.)

I use different fonts for stamps, please pick the preferred font:
I see this too often by KiraiMirai Request 136# ~ TheLittleCherub by KiraiMirai 1# Such A Shame by KiraiMirai I am unpredictable by KiraiMirai

For stamps I also use two different templates, please specify which one you'd like:
  1. Scallop Stamp Template
  2. Deviant Stamp Template
  3. Shiny New Stamplate
  4. Lace Stamp Border #1
  5. Lace Stamp Border #4

For buttons I can use three different templates, it's up to you which one I should use:
  1. Long Button Template
  2. Long Button Template 2
  3. Long Button Template 3

:note: me with the details you want on the stamp/button (colours for the background.) For buttons you can also send me a DL link to the font you want me to use, otherwise I will pick something myself that'll suit the image + background in my eyes.

For buttons, I can unfortunately only use images with a transparent background. I am personally unable to do this myself.

I prefer that you pay first before I make a stamp/button. If not, then it's no deal. PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR COMMISSION ON THE DONATE POOL ON MY PROFILE.


I am not willing to use an image that is not your property. It is up to you to ask permission from a certain artist.

  • For stamps I will only use the fonts provided as options.
  • If you do not give certain information (such as background colour and font colour) I shall take care of these myself.
  • I do not return points unless you've paid too much.
  • There is no commission limit unless I say otherwise.
  • Once the stamp has been uploaded it will not be edited.

Examples of commissions I've made:
CM - Mini-Moment 1# by KiraiMirai CM - Ringing-Belle 1# by KiraiMirai CM - SakoiyaChan 2# by KiraiMirai CM - Zombi-Zilla26 1# by KiraiMirai
Comission by Chocoholicaddiction 1# by KiraiMirai
VOCALOID2 ~ Kagamine Rin and Len ~ Button 1 by KiraiMirai
CM - HkiwiJayKyshigi 2# by KiraiMirai
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