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Ride to war

Far from Sesuad'ra, and yet somehow strangely near, there was a movement in the heart of the ancient forest Aldheorte. In a deep grove that was touched only lightly by the snows that had blanketed the woods for many months, a horseman rode out from between two standing stones and turned his impatient mount around and around at the center of the clearing.
"Come out!" he cried. The tongue he spoke was the oldest in Osten Ard. His armor was blue and yellow and silver-gray, polished until it gleamed. "Come through the Gate of Winds!"
Other riders and their mounts began to make their way out between the tall stones until the dell was foggy with the clouds of their breath. The first rider reined up his horse before the assembled throng. He lifted a sword before him, lifted it as though it might pierce the clouds. His hair, bound only by a band of blue cloth, had once been lavender. Now it was as white as the snow clinging to the tree branches.
"Follow me, and follow Indreju, sword of my grandfather," Jiriki cried. "We go to the aid of friends. For the first time in five centuries, the Zida'ya will ride."
The others lifted their weapons, shaking them at the sky. A strange song began to build, deep as the booming of marsh bitterns, wild as a wolf cry, until all were singing and the glade shook with the force of it.
"Away, Houses of the Dawn!" Jiriki's thin face was fierce, his eyes alight, burning like coals. "Away, come away! And let our enemies tremble! The Zida'ya ride again!"
Jiriki and the rest—his mother Likimeya on her tall black horse, Yizashi of the gray spear, bold Cheka'iso Amber-Locks, even Jiriki's green-clad uncle Khendraja'aro with his longbow—all spurred their horses out of the clearing with a great shout and a singing. So great was the tumult of their going that the trees seemed to bend away before them' and the wind, as if abashed, was momentarily silent in their wake.

Tad Williams, To green Angle Tower

if you didn't read the book(s) I strongly recommend you to ^_____^
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Amazing, as usual! *adds to favorites*
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Thanks - it took quite a while to finish this one, so I'm glad it is received well by the (small but existent) MS&T community  Onigiri 3 
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Really Awesome! I love it! :D (Sithi are so damn sexy ;D)
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they are, oh yes are *droll* Neko Emoji-05 (Rolling)
Most amazung picture of Jiriki I've ever seen Oo God the armor must have take age to draw !!!! Ooh how I LOVED this part of the books Jiriki you're so awesome ! :squee:
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I'm glad you like it - it is nice to know that there are other 'Jiriki-fan-girls' out there 32 

the suit of armor was - in fact - a nightmare to little brain insisted to add more and more details and there was no end to this. My original intent was to add other sithi riders but in the end I spend all my armor-creativity on Jiriki (not to mention that the idea of drawing more horses let me tremble in fear):nuu: 
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I reeeally like your picture =]

(And I love these books xD)

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Thanks for the comment - it's always nice to hear from MS&T fans - the fandom might be small and well hidden, but it does still exist after all these years Friends
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