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princess Luna

:new: making it into a emoticon again enjoy

did this for fun and to practice my pixel art and animation :bademoticon: 
so hope you guys like it and feel free to use it if you like
this turned into an emote as well so feel free to use the emote as well princess Luna 
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do you take icon emote request
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R u taking requests?
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Sadly I do not take requests but I do take commissions
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Okay, maybe another time. ☺
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I hope you don't mind that I used it as my icon OwO
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ofc not its free to use :3 enjoy it
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Very cool indeed.  As is clapping Luna.…
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princess Luna 

:iconlunahuzzahplz:                       :iconprincesslunadanceplz: LUNA ROCKS!
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princess Luna 

:iconlunahuzzahplz: got it. Thanks a bunch. Here's more Luna :iconprincesslunadanceplz:
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Arghh! I can't put the emote down. please help? And if I add it to my deviantart, how do I do that?
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you see the thumb code on the page ? use it '
and for emoticons use +Add Media
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How do you do emotes??????
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you make a animation that has the size 25x25, 50x50 or 150x150 pixels
add it to deviant art 
when you choose the Category type in Emote
you will find some options there that you can choose
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you are welcome
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