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The Northern Lights

I had the background for this pic. done for like 6 months…I finally found a use for it.
Tis Kenai…He’s sad

Have I mentioned that I can't wait for Brother Bear??!!!!!
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Kenai!!! Such a cute job! I love this movie!
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The background really goes well with Kenai!! This has to be a fav!!
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aww...its all sad, but verreh nash^^ great background! hehe. love the pic xD
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Beautiful! Just...beautiful! ^^
I can't wait for Brother Bear either!! I couldn't tell you how many times I've watched the trailer x__X
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It's a GREAT PIC!! :D
Me tooo!!! :D
In my country will be in the theathres in December... :O
... xD
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I can't wait for Brother Bear, either. o___o It looks so *cool*. And it actually has a different *plot*, for once...did you know, initially, it was called The Bear King, and it was going to be a bear version of TLK? o.o

Anyways, s'a nice headshot. ;D 'e looks sad....
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*happy to have found another person so completely pre-obsessed with Brother Bear!!!* :hug:

This is an incredible picture!! :) Great work!
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Wow, love the Northern Lights! Why is she sad?
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Yeah... i cant wait for Brother Bear either ^_^ ::loves Phil Collins:: id see it just for the fasct that he did the music ::dances:: i remember that backgroung ^_^ i like the pic too... very nice Kira
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lol, yeah that's me:)
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CUTE!!! :D Hy, yer that Sobek_5 girl from Neopets, right? ^_^ I'm _AZN_Jetsam_God_, yer numbah 1 FAN!
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