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20x20cm, canson pastel paper, watercolors, a bit of white tempera.
it was a very old sketch, i've finished and colored it only now. i wanted to use watercolor very much. i almost forget how to do it =_=

also.... i registered at facebook at last. i still dont know for what... i dont like such places. but i watch some good artists there. and maybe i'll post there something like w.i.p.s or just thing that i like. You can find photos of making this pic [link]
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- from a delicious cookbook, she cook soup for her cat.

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Red head naked + beautiful scene !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Great painting, really well done!
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I like redheads
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Gotta love how she's naked instead of in a robe or something!
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This is absolutely gorgeous and I'm definitely going to add this to my print collection as some point!
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Wonderful work!
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Awesome and great art work. Nod :happybounce: 
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Просто умопомрачительно! Встречала уже эту работу где-то, теперь знаю, кто автор. Не буду писать, что Вы талантище, поскольку, думается мне, тут дело отнюдь не в одном лишь таланте))) Всяческих успехов и счастья! Продолжайте радовать нас своими работами))))
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Your watercolors are beautiful!!
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I love the cat in the shadows. Nice work. :)
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Beautiful! You're ability to capture texture, light, depth, and perspective is quite... bewitching ;)
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No, the book doesn't say I have to be naked. But do YOU think it's such a good idea to be wearing "flowing garments" around so many low flames?
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This is quite beautiful.
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WOW! on the thumbnail i thought it was oil or acrylic, but no it was watercolour... Very talented :)
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- - -redhead gurls are like that . . . . .
( a fine watercolour )
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This looks spectacular! 
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Absolutely beautiful.
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Соблазнительная какая
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Very nice. Reminds me a lot of my first HPS.
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Looks incredible, great job. and you did an incredible job with watercolors, thats one of my weakest areas in art so this makes it all the more amazing to me.
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