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Love the Wonderful Detail!!! Wonderfully Done!!!
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A peaceful moment of quiet before Zoicite walks by, does a double take, and then promptly has them both very naked, much to Kunzite's confusion as to how it all happened so fast. lol
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Yea! My favorite dark king! He really does look hot in everything he does. I especially love the way you've done his hands and feet, so detailed^_^.
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Ya za vami uzhe tak davno slezhu!!vy nikogda ne razacharovyvayete!!
your watercolor works are just mezmerizing.
Bifauxnen's avatar
... is it weird that my favorite part is his feet? XD
but of course the rest of him's lovely too!! :love:
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Sexiest man alive. This proves it :D
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Ох как я соскучился по таким работам... ))
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Кааакой мужчина)))
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I love when you draw Kunzite, I really really do. (I love his pose and the detail. This makes me so happy!) ^^
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Kunzite... *A*

He looks so sexy in you're always!!!
SanselEyesofgod's avatar
WONDERFULL..., it's beautifull, the soft hair, the strong legs and armss, and the asiatic face, it's the man of my dreams!
AcheronHades's avatar
Excellent <3 Great sketch, very aesthetically pleasing.
Ann-shadow's avatar
Absolutely awesome.
dolphinjump's avatar
oh god... is that Iason Mink? I love the sketchy lines of this drawing :D
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