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motion blur with smudge tool

I wanna share this tip with you. Main thing here is turned off "spacing". it works with cs5 and cs6 (and i don't know how about other versions).
I use this smudge brush in other ways too - to make borders softer, to blur and so on. Use various pen pressure, stroke speed and stroke length.
- Brush used here is STANDARD soft brush. And tablet is Wacom :)
- Strength of smudge tool can be 20-70% (it depends on your wacom's pressure settings), i usually use 50%.
- Don't forget to turn OFF "spacing" before crying "it doesn't work!"
Отключите спэйсинг, христомбогоммолю _)

icekatze said: I can confirm that this works with Photoshop 7.0 (circa 2002) so I suspect that it will work with any of the CS Photoshop programs. (The only difference is that the "transfer" tab is called the "other dynamics" tab in 7.0, but it does the same thing.)

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Thank you so much this really helps
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Anyone know how to create this effect in 
Paint Tool Sai ?
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I used the smudge tool in SAI, made it bigger than the object I am trying to motion blur, turned off the "Min Size" and put the brush on the hardest option. Then I kinda just kept moving it back and forth in the direction I wanted it to blur until it looked good.

Hope this helps!

And yes, I know this is from literal years ago-

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Thank you the dope tutorial
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Thanks a millionHug Just got my Wacom and can't wait to use it!    I've got some questions though!   I'm using PS 10 Elements.  CS5  And I can't find all that brush preset settings.  There is no brush settings to be found in my Windows.  Here is screen shots of all my brush settings : Brush not at windows 
Brush Settings 1 ,Brush 
Do you have any suggestions?  I was so disappointed not to be able to set those settings! sad  Pressing F5 shows nothing.  I've also have PS 12 Elements but its the same as PS 10.  
Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! 
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Omg, I love you. Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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все вспоминала я , вспоминала этот тутор, и мечтала где-нибудь обязательно применить. Наконец руки дошли, как же круто-круто! спасибо! :)
ты - прелесть) и работы все шикарней и шикарней! ви )
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OMG this is awesome!!! thank you so much for the tip :)
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Thanks a lot! Very helpful :)
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Отличный урок! ))) Спасибо! все вышло! ))Hug Heart +fav 
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у меня что-то не вышло((( наверное не так настраиваю...
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жизнь показала, что все, кто тут на это жаловался - забыл отключить спэйсинг, хотя я три раза об этом упомянула )))
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ахаха о да)))) я не исключение) хотя в настройках ковырялась))))))) видимо все же пропустила)
Спасибо :)
П.С. отличные работы!
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Awesome tip! Thanx for sharing! :heart:
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This might be a stupid question and I don't even know if it actually has anything to do with blurring, but I've noticed that most artworks [like yours] have this red/magenta and light blue/cyan light on the edges of surfaces.
Is that from a brush or filter or what?
Just wanting to know.
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filtr - lens correction - custom (effect is rising to the corners)
or play with channels (more difficult, result is equable on whole image)
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Thank you so much :)
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So much more easier (and fun) than using the motion blur filter.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge! ;w;
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This is very helpful, thank you for sharing how you make these effects. I was wondering before how they are made.
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