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motion blur with smudge tool



I wanna share this tip with you. Main thing here is turned off "spacing". it works with cs5 and cs6 (and i don't know how about other versions).
I use this smudge brush in other ways too - to make borders softer, to blur and so on. Use various pen pressure, stroke speed and stroke length.
- Brush used here is STANDARD soft brush. And tablet is Wacom :)
- Strength of smudge tool can be 20-70% (it depends on your wacom's pressure settings), i usually use 50%.
- Don't forget to turn OFF "spacing" before crying "it doesn't work!"
Отключите спэйсинг, христомбогоммолю _)

icekatze said: I can confirm that this works with Photoshop 7.0 (circa 2002) so I suspect that it will work with any of the CS Photoshop programs. (The only difference is that the "transfer" tab is called the "other dynamics" tab in 7.0, but it does the same thing.)

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Thank you so much this really helps