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merry christmas! +wp1920

By kir-tat
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actually i've painted it last year... but wasted a chance to publish it in time ^^"
inspired by ArcheAge elves.

i've got instagram at last! i'm going to post the sketches there... and photos of my cat ^^""""

upd. wallpaper 1920x1080
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when you can feel the motion in a still image 
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Utter perfection.

I just said that on Danbooru...
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This is very beautiful! I really love the elegance of her facial features.
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I agree. She's sexy and gorgeous but it's her face elegance that make her stand out.
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So pretty! ^_^ I love the green hair, you don't see that too often!
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You made the fur texture so lively, I thought I would feel the fur if I touched the screen!
The work overall is also amazing :)

Very well done
not often do the Elves of Lorien agree to weild their magic for another...
but the work of this 'Clause' is too great to be ignored!
just this once we shall aid in the creation of gifts for the worthy!
great picture!!
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"better be good, better nice nice, cause santa got a naughty list and is checking it twice"
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Просто восхитительно.
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Beautiful work!
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I love how you did the fluff!!! Can you show me how you do it!?!?
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Extremely beautiful. Just the details are so clean flowing and nice. Love it! 
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Wow love the pose, and nice glitter like texture on the dress Meow :3 
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This is just, to put it simply, incredible.
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thank you very much for this. It's really beautiful, I love elves :love:
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Wow ... happy Santa! :D (Big Grin) 
Merry Xmas to you too!
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