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the god of beauty :D…
принт 1.5 метра проверенного качества )…

Vorpatril (psd tutorial) by kir-tat warrior of nature by kir-tat sftd by kir-tat
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You might judge me for being insane, but I want to lick those armpits. Like, SO BAD. Is it just me?.... OK...

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He looks just like Baldr from Norse Mythology... the god of beauty

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This is art..! Fantastic! 
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Incredibly beautiful work!
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О мой бог... Он великолепен....У меня случилось две остановки сердца! Его кожа и волосы просто потрясающие😍...
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L.O.V.E Heart  it
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gorgeous looks like Armand the Vampire
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wow. this is so beautiful
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Big compliment. This boy is just too cute and girlish. A dream. I love him.
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Really well done skin tone...!
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This is one of my all-time favorite pieces! the subtle modeling of the anatomy with amazing reflected colors and all that lovely shiny curly hair!! Really great work bc this is gorgeous!
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Spectacular!! Then the anatomy is prefect! Good work!
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Really beautiful .')
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YES!!! THIS is MY version of PERFECT male beauty!!
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Oh my gods… *sigh* can I use this as a reference?
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Gorgeous artwork. Very nice. 
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Im sorry, but, holy shit, that s a hella beauty.
He deserves the "god of beauty" title. Amazing job.
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