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Vampire Warrior

By kir-tat
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Illustration for CCG again.
My first pic of this kind - with armor, sword and so on ^^"

~4-5 days
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To start this, please do not think I think this is a bad work of art, or anything along those lines. I know you requested a critique, so I'm sure you've already braced your self for whats to come, but now and then people think that critique means that that artist dislikes the others works.

When I first looked at this, the first thing that caught my eye was the face. It seemed a little out of place to me, and ironically reminded me of the now dead King of Pop. D: I think thats mainly due to the colors, the outfit he had in the Thrillar video sported the same ones, and it also had an undead theme. The hair however look great, and I'm very impressed on how you caught motion in the hair and cape, I actually feel like he's running at me. c: So bravo on that.

The armor is also wonderful, I'm sure it'll only get better with practice, and while I'm sure there is something you could do to make it even more fantastic, armor has always been one of my weak points. D:

As for something that I actually can point out, it's the hands/arms. They look a little too stiff, and if I saw this position on something less dark and handed them a bat, it look more like they just hit a home run and were about to drop said bat.

Overall it is rather appealing, you might want to throw in some green and aquas if you can, it'll make it pop a little more, even if it's just in shadows. ( If you have already I can't make them out. ) Aqua is most likely your best bet because of the yellow and reds you already have in there. c: For a first time, this is fantastic!

Keep up the good work. c:
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Definitely, absolutely very beautiful! I'm in love with the design of the armor, with all the ridges and the spikes. I love the sense of light, especially the shading and how the sword gleams so brightly!

There's definitely a great sense of movement in here, and you portrayed it perfectly with the mist around his feet, his position, his billowing cape, and the movement of his hair. His hair just looks so soft and lush and I want to run my hair through it! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":XD:" title="XD" /> His face is very realistic--hollowed cheeks and deepset eyes and a strong expression!

The only thing I have to say I'm not too crazy off is the subtle blurred, gritty effect of the piece. But I suppose that's just me, and that's what you're going for. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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Lovely colours - actually, the rough yet delicately painterly look of the piece brings many illustrations of the old Castlevania game series to my mind.
I like the colourscheme because the pale purples create a sinister feeling while the stark red of the cape makes the character pop up better, bring him to the foreground. It also adds power into the picture.

I think this could be even better if the image was continued some more downwards. The foreshortening seems a little vague and makes the character look a little short because the foot hides under the bottom edge. However, have achieved the foreshortening well enough for a viewer to get the idea of foreshortening -this is not always an easy task, especially when a character has such detailed armor on as this one.

My favourite part of the piece is the character's face. It is very expressive and intimidating. His cold stare draws my gaze again and again back to his yellow eyes.
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When ever I nsee a vampire like this I have to he an evil creature that slays without remorse? or does he stilol retain some bit of humanity and seeks out creatures worse than he?
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Have you read the comic "Vampire Knight: Requiem"? If not, it's for you.
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I am appeased to find something like this. When I search "vampire knight" all that comes up is weak ass bishi fantwat art. Keep doing what you do.
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Great piece. I adore this.
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his armor reminds me of Harus from disciples3, he was so sexy ;__; [link] sorry for the quality
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Armor is too spiky to be practical.
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Why not? I I was a vampire I would have spiked armor.
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Nope. you end up routinely scraping yourself. Can't sit, can't move.
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nice work !
perfect colour..
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amazing, love it! :wow:
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very impressive !!
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The result is very impressive! Very good indeed!!
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Just WOW- i believe thats enough to describe my impression :D
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How about a warrior.. girl? To combine? :flirty:
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Prikol'no :) vot by mne tak risovat' hehe.
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That's very cool. Brava!
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мне очень нравится маслоэффект (похоже на Коджиму, да *_*)

лицо смешное XD такой готх
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I don't know if You know what is Vampire the Masquerade or Vampire the Dark Ages. But if You know this games I can tell You that this vampire is look like Tzimisce to me. :D
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I dont know any game but Lines, Zuma and Tetris. :)
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