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Upd/Oct 8 2010

Ok, ok. I will answer for all your questions atlast. Sorry for net reply for every comment, Im not good in English and dont have enough time.
But now I will try to explain... I actually dont like to explain "what is this picture about", I prefer everyone see what they want and what they can.
Here is no story at all ) I usually dont try to tell a story by pic, I only try to show emotions, mood and so on.
One day I had got a thought and made a creapy sketch. The thought was about a girls who likes to draw or watch on handsome men this days (me too ))) And of course, I know about Pigmalion and Galateya too. Then I was thinking about the pic almost a year ))) I dont remember what I thought but there were many ideas ^^
So...What we have in the end?
Ohh, really, I dont want to explain all other things =_= I dont want to become a writer :lol:
But i will read all your variants if you have any ))))))) Thanks for all your commnts, I allways read them, and sorry again for not reply to each!

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The sculptor seems almost mesmerized by her sculpture.
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VenetianCloudHobbyist General Artist
My most favourite thing ever.
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wow this is magnificent 
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LiowaStudent Digital Artist
Шедевр мировой культуры
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kukeesProfessional Digital Artist
This is brilliant!  Love the idea. Everything looks great.
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IriplenexHobbyist Writer
Mne ochen' zhal', ya ne govoryu po -russki. YA vozvrashchayus' k etomu iskusstvu vo mnogo raz . Eto krasivo , i ya lyublyu eto iskusstvo . Spasibo.
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kir-tatProfessional General Artist
actually you do it very good :) thanks!!
(risunok is more suitable than iskusstvo)
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PreyoteProfessional Digital Artist
This is absolutely spectacular 
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my goodness, this is breath-taking
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SpydrougeProfessional Writer
I sense the frustration of an artist who has finally finished her masterpiece, and is overcome both by awe and by sadness that it will never be real...
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Wow, I've never seen an art picture like this! This is really creative and emotionally moving. Almost like it's telling a story. At first I thought she was gazing upon it because she happen to come by it, but then I saw that she was holding a tool for carving the stoned male serpent statue and then I knew, she's the creator of this statue. It's a very beautiful, smoothed and powerfully detailed statue. I love the perceptive on this and the background coils of where his hair is flowing. He looks godly and has this strong, dominating presence that's feels almost intimidating. I can also see that there is another face in the picture, though not as revealing as the male in the front. I just love how his tail is coiling around the girl and he's staring down at her. He has muscular and manly features too. Almost like a male from a dreamy fantasy.. From the pillars on the background, I can see that it's night time. The moonlight that's shining from the top just makes him look that much more.. beautiful. It's really captivating art work. I would totally love to climb up those stairs and gaze upon him as well. If this stoned statue was real, it would be a magnificent sight to see! It's imaginative and very well drawn! I love this art work you produced! Heart 
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it's like a naga!
This is art..coming from the heart. And so more..
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What a sculptor.. made me thought of Castlevania.
Maybe you know of what I am talking about.. if not maybe just take a look :)
Lament of Innocence , is it , I think.. I'm not sure. ^^
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I saw this and just stopped. I couldn't help but just favorite this right off the bat. It's so amazing!
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CreativemindtriplettHobbyist General Artist
Your artwork is simply amazing! I'm glad I stumbled upon your art because your one of my favorite artists.
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I love your art!
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TitaartStudent Traditional Artist
That'so beautiful!
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Tigerpaws59Hobbyist Artist
I too love this art, today it inspired me to write a short story :) Truly beautiful with so much emotion! :)
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barananduen General Artist
I keep coming back to this; faving now.
I love the concept and the execution is excellent. The "interaction" between the two is great; I love all the swirlies; and it's very cool how the lighting makes it look like it's all underwater even though it's probably not.
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AnastasiyaKosenkoProfessional Traditional Artist
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OanhNguyenVKStudent Digital Artist
OMG, I super love this !!
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kupuruuStudent Digital Artist
i don't know why but i find this picture extremely beautiful and well done XD
can't explain what i like about this or anything all i can say is that this is very beautiful 
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lonedragon155Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this
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