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**upd: Some people ask where to get this "sample" brush... I have made it in 10 seconds - just few points with standard round brush. But you can use ANY brush, even standard. Main point here is the SETTINGS, especially Scatter (10-50% for best result).

*If you dont know how to make new brush, learn it immediately ^_~ Good luck!!

other tutorials, walkthroughs ->…
psd sample + tips:

video walkthroughs:
and and
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Thank you so so much! I've tried making the brush myself based on your tutorial and I'm very pleased with the result. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and have a good day!

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Oh my gosh! For so many years, I was trying to make my own blend brushes, but none of them works better than yours! It really saved me from ruining my paintings! Thank you so much! Wish you in good health and always be happy!
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thank u sooo much
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nice one good sir!
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Thanks for this~  : D

I was always really jelly of SAI's blur tool, and though that Photoshop's sucked a lot, but now, I feel like I have the confidence to try blurring in PS too~  ^^
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У меня палец лагает просто нереально
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My god, you have just completely solved the blending problem I've been having for two days straight! This is so much easier than trying to control normal smudging!
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Thanks this makes blending much easier. I haven't tried it for skin because I'm not confident enough for semi realistic pieces but it did help me render some clouds. Here's the piece if you're interested…
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Very helpful ..... thank you
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I just wanted to say how insanely helpful this was to me. Im a photoshop user myself, and have always been slightly jealous of SAI's waterbrushes when it comes to blending, (But I just end up HATING SAI whenever I open it.) And this right here gives me exactly the effect I was looking for without having to switch programs!
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I tried to use this brush, but at a size of 50 px the brush isn't working properly and there will be delays all the time when I try to blend the colors.
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try to increase brush spacing to 25-40. check the top panel - "sample all layers" should be switched off. or your file is too big/computer is too weak for this. but yes, smudge tool is hard for system anyway. i always use 20-50px size.
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okay ^^
thank you very much :huggle:
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can you please give me your brush :(? I tried to make it by myself but it doesn't look like yours >.<"
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sorry, but i don't use it anymore ) i made another
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Thank you so very much for this. I only got Photoshop yesterday, and I've been searching like a madman for some way to blend, so you're a total lifesaver!
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You have just saved my life with this tutorial. Thank you soooooo much. :icongreatjobplz:
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Thanks *0* It helped me
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easily say then done! lolz
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Премного благодарен!
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I've always had a hard time using the smudge tool for blending and your tutorial has finally allowed me to use it properly! It's a dramatic night and day change for me!
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O_O You have just changed my life.  I always hated the smudge tool because I felt like those smears never looked good...I never realized you could use different brushes.  Thanks so much for the tip!
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