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Christina 2

done in April for Legend of the Cryptids.  close-ups:

this set is about Christina, who dreamed to become a knight to fight a monsters, but instead she was required to fight against people from neighbour kingdom.
Christina 1:
Christina 1 by kir-tat

poisoned 2 by kir-tat D.I.E. by kir-tat
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Wow. Awesome and beautiful.

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Love this Christina knight character! I love the light and the good that comes from her!
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Awesome artwork. I really like the composition, angle and the lighting. Her armour is something! So detailed! Although I think it'd be better if you added some drops of blood on it and on her face probably, so it wouldn't seem that she just appeared on the battlefield and dunked her sword in the blood pool a little. 
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The lighting is gorgeous and the subject herself looks so steady and strong.
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fantastic... !!
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Impressive! Bravo !!Airborne 
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OMG this lightningO_O It's just so perfect!
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Beautiful work!!
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I like your story better than the one on the wiki site.
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:) the descriptions that applibot send to artists are totally different from the descriptions that appears later in the game (and the wiki). i don't know why they do this. but it made me really sad when I accidentally got to know this.
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This is just truly sad.
(I read the background story with the three lines lines below your picture..)
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This is great! It perfectly shows that women can also look great in armor. Don't understand those half naked armors from online games and similar... gorgeous. You just gave me a whole lot new inspiration!
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loved this one.
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I love her expression.
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Love real amor on girls!
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Incredible. Don't get me wrong - I love the bodies of sexy ladies, but a realistically armoured female character is a treat in itself. She is a badass.
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Hot damn, that is some awesome armor.  And a kick-ass character.
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I like comparing this image and the previous one; the difference between the wide-eyed novice and the battle-worn veteran is really well done.
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It's not often I see armour that I'd actually want to wear, but that looks like the most awesome dragon-slaying outfit I could imagine. Pure bad-ass (and lovely painting technique).
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too immaculate
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I love the detail in the armor.  Fantastic work!
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