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Sorry long time no speak, to be fair I've become rather inactive on DA as I've been so busy this year. And I'm afraid I'm not about to get any less busy, either. My 3rd film was nominated for a Glammy! Woop! I'm up for 'Best 2D Film', which is pretty awesome. I can't wait until the Glammies on the 5th June. *spazzes about*

Also... come the end of June I will be jetting off to Boston and then onto Chicago, which is EPIC AWESOMENESS as I'll be staying with my cousin and his girlfriend first and then madmen after. SO COOL! There are no words to describe how excited I am. What an amazing way to finish off my university degree! And after THAT, I'll be going off to France with my parents and two of my housemates to stay in a nice big country house for two weeks. Sweeeeet.

and then... time for a job I guess. EEEEEP.

I ran the race for life today: 5k, 23degree sunshine, over 7,000 people. It was a very humbling experience and made me realise how lucky I am to be in good health. And although the actual run was horrible in such sun-filled conditions, it felt awesome to cross the finish line knowing I didn't walk a step. :D

So I guess that's it, sorry for my inactiveness here- I've even let my subscription run out as it seemed pointless to pay when I was hardly going on DA! I'm sure I'll post my film up on here after the Glammies, so there's something to look forward to!

Hope all you peeps are grand, because you are all lovely people. :hug: :glomp:
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Finished keying, now inbetweening: the mind-numbing boredom begins. :fear:

I've had such a lazy sunday I can't even be bothered to finish this journal properly... I'll come back to it later... maybe.


Race For Life

I'm running a 5k Race For Life at the end of May. It's ages away. 5k isn't really that far. But still. Whoo!

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'Sup homies.

So... haven't updated the ol' journal in quite a while.

Um... Current news... let's see... How about that Obama huh? Got into that ol' Whitehouse. I found out he used to go by the alias 'Barry'... which is so not cool. No offence to any Barrys out there, but I mean, it's not that cool a name is it? Not as cool as... 'James' or 'Clint' or... 'Horatio'. Anyway, okay I'm getting sidetracked.

Actually, I'm afraid dear readers, that there is unashamedly, unabashedly, irrefutably, no point whatsoever in this journal, aside from the teeny tiny side note that it is distracting me from writing my dissertation. My dissertation is on Stereotypes in Animated Feature Character Design- how design aspects portray Gender, Genre and Race. I don't know why I chose something so laden with various academic theories. I mean, writing about Genre theory: what was I thinking?!? I have read so many books where feminists bitch about how women are portrayed by the film industry in an overtly sexual way and viewed with a male bias by their audiences...sheesh! I want to scream from the rooftops:


Srs. I'm so glad I'm a lady. I get to wear dresses and makeup! *swish*

...I think I've just derailed my whole argument of my study in one fell swoop. Feminists everywhere are getting angry and shaking their mustaches at me :ohnoes:

/gross stereotype

...See what I did there?!?  

animaishun news

So, University is plodding on, and simultaneously crashing by, as if someone is shaking up a time travelling etch-a-sketch. My film is on schedule... just, and I should have all my key frames done in 2/3 weeks. I've completed just over a third of my backgrounds too, though as yet I have no idea how or even if they will integrate with my digitally coloured characters... but live life dangerously, that's what I say! Sound effects have been recorded, though I still don't know if they are of a high enough quality, and I still have no idea who's going to compose my score. So, a lot of plates need  spinning, or whatever the saying is.

I can't wait until I've animated my last frame! After this film I never want to animate anything again. Animation is a wonderful, beautiful medium... if you have the supreme patience and skill to pull it off. Which I totally don't, nowhere near enough for a professional level. Aside from how crap our Uni has become over the past year, I don't regret taking it at all, because I've had such a blast, and now I know for sure that animation is Something That I Don't Want To Do With My Life. And if that's not money well spent, I don't know what is!


Things to do this/next month:

:bulletblue: See The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler, T:4 and Bolt at the cinemarrr
:bulletblue: See if I get into the next issue of Designer Violence
:bulletblue: Celebrate Chinese New Year
:bulletblue: Finish keying my film
:bulletblue: Find someone to do the sound for it.... :paranoid:
:bulletblue: Attend a party sponsored by POWERTHIRST
:bulletblue: Eat more Spider Maki
:bulletblue: Go home and plan trip to the US with the folks (excited sooo much about this one)
:bulletblue: Not get distracted by DA and Facebook when I should be working (Supreme Failure Imminent)
:bulletblue: Finish Crime And Punishment

...I wish I could put as much effort into my dissertation as I have done this journal. I would have finished ages ago!

Anybody else out there feeling the procrastination love?

Kater outer x

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Well well well it's the festive season, indeed! I have been feeling extremely Christmas-y of late, and even more so now I'm back home in a warm house armed with a mug of Rooibos tea and a contented kitty purring away on my bed...

I have to say sorry to my watchers/people I watch on DA, because even though I've been lurking on here almost every day, my activity has slowed to, well, a stop really. Uni and Life are partly to blame for this, as well as... laziness. But I still do browse through deviations and read through journals, I'm just rubbish at commenting :B Sorryyy =[

So yeah, first off, OMG how fast is this year going? :fear: Srs, it's been mental. The fastest year of my life! We enroll at the Atrium one day and the next it'll all be over, and I'll stop bitching about the new Uni and start Life as a Post Grad. OMG. :O

Funny how in the first year I was all set to try and get a job in Animation, and now I really would like to never have to animate anything ever again. Animation is a beautiful medium, both creative and logical, hard to do well and tedious beyond beilef. Who would have thought drawing the same thing over and over would get boring? : /

Animation woes aside, that doesn't mean I have lost my love of drawing/painting (which is still as alive as ever)and any creative jobs in that field I would totally lunge for. Storyboarding, design, concept, writing... I'd love to be in a job which requires doodling down ideas and working on a project.

...But maybe not yet. ;)

After Uni I plan to go back home and work a McJob as I save/apply for a place on the JET program, so I can bugger off to Japan and be an assistant English Language teacher for a year. My understanding of English grammar may be foggy at the best of times, but hey, I'm fluent in it, and I totally have a BBC accent :P So yeah, that's where my life could be leading come February 2010. A long time to wait...  

Even after all that blabbing, I'n going to try and really enjoy what's left of my Uni time, hanging out, being studenty, partying at inappropriate times and whatnot, whilst still hopefully getting a good grade.

I miss my Duck Housers already! *wibble* Back for New Years though, where I plan to PARTY LIKE IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD. srs.

Hope y'all are doing good. I love it when plans change and (hopefully) work out for the better :)

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It's my birthday wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks for the well-wishes people have sent already on the DA and the Facebook :heart:

I'm 21 today and feelin' good!


Kater xxx

Also I PROMISE that the next journal will be an actual, proper journal, with news and everything! D:
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50,000 hits!

Catch it and get a prize! :O
that is all.


I noticed a bunny by the 1st floor lift... ;)
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Ha, so yes, I am moving out to DUCK HOUSE in Cardiff tomorrow and therefore won't have any internet for a while :B ...S'gonna kill me :B

Anyhoo, if you miss your Kater, then make a shrine to me or something and prey that I get internet back soon. Weirdos.

Just kidding, you internet guys is sweet :heart:

Anyhoo see you in CARDIFFFFFF! :D

And don't forget my 50k kiriban! ohhh yeah!
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Sup, fools. I have bolded the important stuff so if you are busy, just read the bold. :P

Myyyyy these last couple of days. Srs. Have been mental.

K, so let's get the bad stuff out the way: My nan went into hospital on the 28th and is still there. :( We thought maybe she'd had a stroke or something but so far all the CT scans have come back as a-ok. So the wizards are trying to figure out why she keeps going sporadically doo-lally. So far it's all been inconclusive, which is a pain >.< Ironically, she's physically better than she has been for quite a while, but her mind is two steps removed from reality at the moment. Which is a bit poo, because hospital visits are never fun and there are a lot of crazy loud people on that ward. (Actually the craziest one seems to have been moved, thank goodness...)

But yah, I hope that stuff gets better.


Still happy as a pie about my DD,  that is freaking awesome. I got it the day my nan went in, haha, so my victory was slightly marred. BUT IT STILL RULES AND OMG STILL HAPPY. :iconyeahplz:

I finished reading 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray' and it was a good book and I feel slightly more intellectual. Go Oscar Wilde go!

I got a commission to paint a horse. Yay! Pretty much from some dude seeing 'Violette' *points to featured devs* in our house and wanting a Kater Painting of his own. So result! I've been to take pictures of the horse, Bobby, who ironically my good friend Ellie rode for a period of time a few years ago. Actually we went for a mini trek, Ellie the horse and me. It ended in comedy when we both decided to ride him down the hill, and then we almost fell off trying to get on/off a saddle customarily made for one person XP

But yes, another 20" x 30" acrylic painting from me, before Christmas. For that is my deadline. I'm turning into a regular Stubbs :rofl: actually I'm pretty excited because I haven't drawn or painted horses in ages and it was something I really enjoyed doing in school/college. And my grandad used to paint horses, so it's like a little homage to him :3

and finally.

I'M MOVING TO CARDIFF ON SUNDAY to be with my glorious Duckies and I can't wait! S'gonna be such a blast, srs awesome points, and even though the rent is coming out soon and leaves me a bit sparse and I bought a ticket to go see Pendulum and I shouldn't have but it will be so worth it and many other great things in Cardiff like The Boosh and Cafe Europa and Bute Park and Salsa Dancing and idno everything else it's gonna be so awesome EVEN IF it is the LAST year of Uni and then I have to go out and get a freakin' job. BOO JOBS!

Heh, I read that back as 'BOOB JOBS' :giggle:

So yes ups and downs and ups and downs. But overall I'm quite happy I suppose.



:bulletblue: Moving into Duck House
:bulletblue: I discovered the delights of spices (Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin, mmm)
:bulletblue: Horsey Painting
:bulletblue: Pendulum
:bulletblue: Mighty Booooosh
:bulletblue: My cat is still awesome and I want to take her to Cardiff. I'm so gay for her.
:bulletblue: I'm getting a SUPER SWEET haircut on Saturday
:bulletblue: My parents are being awesome and buying me a new MP3 cos my other one, after five long years of impeccable service, has gone AWOL
:bulletblue: Patrick Monahan replied to my email :B
:bulletblue: Patrick Monahan is a total dude.
:bulletblue: Bale is still a total dude.
:bulletblue: I'm getting into my new book by Douglas Coupland
:bulletblue: I found 'Heavy Metal' in a 2nd hand bookshop (even though it's a DVD) for a fiver, I bought it, watched it, much lolling ensued :lmao:
:bulletblue: I watched Gladiators yesterday and Ian Wright got thrown in the pool hahaha

OH YEAH! I have a 50k coming up. 50K! OMG!

If you catch it, I'll draw yew something. SOMETHING GOOD!

Your mission: Screencap me a 50k (mine preferably) and get a prize!

That is all.



Kater x

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OMG. I has a DD! OMG!

That is srs amounts of AWESOME. So happy! It was always a dream of mine to get a DD, haha! :bounce:

Thank you so so sooo much to :iconzilla774: and :iconkariannlax: you guys rock! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I was actually beginning to hate this film by the end, so it's lovely to have so many people telling me that they digged it. Dug it? Lol, idno.

Thanks everyone for comments/faves, I'll go through them sometime...later... :paranoid:

WHEEEE dancin' on the ceilin' with Lionel Richie right now :D

:boogie: :heart: :boogie: :heart:


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I went to Edinburgh, Scotland. Seems like ages ago now. Anyhoo. With my parents and nommy greenie we had much fun and many giggles were spilled. I can't be bothered to write a whole bloody essay about the experience, but lemme just say, if you have a lot of money to spend very quickly then the Fringe isn't a bad place to get rid of it.

What I love most about the Fringe is that a lot of it is up to chance. Sure, you book the people you really want to see there months in advance (Ed Byrne, Jimmy Carr, Joan Rivers etc, all of whom were amazing comedians/performers in their own right) but then you can go strollin' down the Royal Mile and whichever street performance takes your fancy the most is the show you go to the following night or whatever. S'good like that. And the thing is- it could be utter SHITE! We went to see this really weird play which had a lesbian afraid of technology in it. Okay, it wasn't shit, but not that great. And always a little uncomfortable when you're sat next to your parents and one of the characters is masterbating onstage, roffle.

Right now for some picture highlights! :boogie: First off we have a huge inflatable cow which was actually a venue :O



pretty hills

smily flyering

This Drag is awesome. I loved her. Also, yes that's my Mum getting in on some hot drag action.

Alexis Van Airbust and Mo =]

If you want to see more, it's all on facebook you fools! Srs, I had like, THE BEST time. Edinburgh is such a nice city, what with the old school Old Town and the new school New Town. History and Newness and Scottishness. It's a winning combination! If I ever end up calling it home then that's no bad thing. =] I'd love to go up there again, for sure, maybe with some mates, innit. Need a hella lotta money first though : /

In other news. I am moving in to Cardiff in two week whooooo hooo! Can't wait to become an official Duck House member!

Kater out x
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Hello all!

Back from Edinblurrrr, Scotland and I must say I had a mundo jolly time. Big funnies! I shall be doing a proper journal to it, later.

But first. FEATURE! :w00t:


commish missy k by kinkei
Stylish and Sassy :nod:


Happy Hallowe'en by KatCardy
This is total badass, and nommy colourins too!


Kitty Coulomb by maxwell-heza
I :heart: this little critter, he looks so comfy :3


Keyhole Tunnel by dusty-hacker
Nifty! :D


cycle by cei-


Gotta love Audioslave! I dig the Chris Cornell :B


Gotta feature a animated film, oh yeah :3 (everyone go watch it k)


Mighty Mouse Animation by AngelCrusher
This will never fail to make me lol :giggle:


Mirage by snowmask
Mirage, indeed.


Great shapes make for a fun character, I think she's great!


Smithy by fryguy64
Good ol' old school fanart woot!


WORMS Hair Do's 01 by 310
Freakin' LOVE these cute things.


100: Mirror - 34 by WesleyRiot
Ash lives in a strange world.


B a t t e r s e a by greenie
I had to feature an Urbexin' photo :B


Epic Comics: issues 5 to 10 by Yusecki
Epic comics do it do it do it! :D


.:MAR shirt design:. by madmen

MAR! Awesome Teeshirt design =]

... There we go! Click on the above for some lovely arts, yes.

And now I have to go *runs away*
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Yeah, another Dark Knight journal. DEAL WITH IT!

That film was freakin' sweet. My little squeal of excitement at the opening titles was justified come the end. And to be fair, everyone else has said it all before me, so I won't go into detail about how and why it was so awesome.

The Joker- legend. I love how he kept changing the story about how he got his scars. And hot damn that film was a 12A?!?! It was pretty grotesque in places. I say put the blood in and make it a 15, dagnabbit. I like to see the bloods.

Aside from some baffling CSI-deductions about thumbprints on bullets, I think all in all I had no bad things to say about the film.

Also- guys (and girls)- is Maggie Gyllenhaal (or however you spell her name) attractive, plain strange looking, both, or what? I mean, she was cool and all. I liked her more than Katie Holmes. But I puzzled over her face for a while. I've been told to watch "Secretary" to understand that she is, in fact, a fox. But the jury remains out! I'll just stick to drooling over Christian Bale. :giggle:

So... what's the next big film event I should be looking forward to?

Also, I have learnt that typing with fake nails is freaking impossible. So if I have typos, there's my excuse XP

Bai all, much love. :heart:
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Yay deadline's passed and film's so so so almost done.

Where the hell did this year go? Man, third year's gonna go by even quicker isn't it? Then work....sigh...

That is all.

HOW'S EVERYONE ELSE DOING? Thanks for your well-wishes last journal. :glomp: :hug: :heart: :chew:

I'm gonna do a proper journal....later.... >.>
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  • Drinking: Tea, nommy tea.

Seven days until the deadline. HALP!

So yeah, guess I won't be on DA much next week.


*runs away*
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I felt like writing a journal, because. Like, to distract myself from my work. And screw you I can write a journal if I want to. ;)

FILM DEADLINE IS MAY 23RD. Holy shitmeister! We all saw it coming yet it has snuck up so fast. Hot damn. Where the HELL did this year go? srsly! *brb, cup of tea needed*

Alright, the tea situation is sorted. Now where was I...

Right- film. CANCANCAT. C-CUBED. Whatever the smeg you want to call it (Sometimes I refer to it as that fucking film. I've finished animating it, hurrah! I'm "Cleaning up" at the moment, the scruffiest damn clean up this side of winchester. (My film has a "nostalgic" feel :paranoid:) So hmm, I think that's going good. **FINALLY** Began scanning some scenes in, praise be. Feels nice to get it all on the comp, it's as if you are just beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ahh, to be honest, I can't wait to see what everyone has produced by the end of the year: s'gonna be awesome. And the last Glammies celebration.... *wipes away a tear* I would love to be nominated but maaan the competition's fierce...

It will be so strange in the new Cardiff building. New building, no new equipment though we are in DIRE FUCKING need, stricter uni regulations. I could rant for ages on this topic, but I won't, because it gets me depressed and some of you have heard it all before. In a nutshell- I think the uni's handled the move and other key things pretty badly, and had this been my first year at GCADT I would be slightly put off about carrying on next year, which is a sad thought. I'm burrowed in like a tick though, you all needn't worry. I am sick of being a student with no moneys, so graduation as soon as possible plz. I like money, I like spending it. :B

( OMG I can't wait to go underwear shopping with the girls :B)

Ahh, I've run the full gamut (is that even a word?) of emotions this week. Right across the spectrum, like, way out there. At the moment I'm happy. Beaming away at my computer, yayay. Happy as a lamb, a lamb that won't be eaten. So like a famous lamb or something.

Going back home and looking through some of my brother's stuff might have set off all this emotional stuff, though the workload can't have helped either. (srsly, it's been mental.) I think after almost five years I'm starting to feel less angry about his death. It'll be a good while longer before I fully "accept" it, whatever that means. But still, it's a nice little weight lifting off bit by bit. It's very hard to leave people in the past. I think after the initial shock of death, the fact memories of the person are slowly being forgotten is hard too. But I am proud to say I'm getting there.    

This year has been an incredible learning experience for me, a positive one. If I look back just a year, the amount of change has been incredible. I am so much happier. Thanks a lot to my lovely Bridge house. (Didn't realise this journal was going to be so soppy, lols) They are awesome people. Big up the BRIDGEHOUSEMASSIVE. :heart:

Mainly because of the things people come out with:
"CHICKEN SPRAY- Just because I love cock!"


On that note, guess I'm off. Hope everyone's doing fine n' dandy.

:hug: :hug: :hug:
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Lulz, it's only been a few hours, I miss being subscribed already! DA without a sub is cruddy.

I MISS MY *!!!

I think I'll buy another year's sub in a few days when it *really* starts to annoy me :3

That is all. Hope you're lovely.


Alright, which lovely person out there bought me a sub? I need to shower you with adoration and hugs!!!!


:heart: :icongreenie: :heart:


:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
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I got tagged by :iconrapstertee:

1) Full Name: Katherine Ann Derrick

2) Were you named after anyone?: Katherine (Katy) After Katy Pottige or whatever she's called from Postman Pat. (Thanks Bro...) And Ann was my Dad's Mother's name.

3) Does your name mean anything?: I'm pretty sure 'Kate' means 'Pure' according to some key ring I had years ago.

4) Nick Names?: Kater, Kake, Alice, Bean, Boo

5) Who do you think you look like?: Like an awesome person. My Mum thought for ages I looked like Robert Carlisle. But she must've been high or something.

7) DOB: 06/12/87

8) Place of Birth and Current Location: Bristol born, currently in Trefforest, Wales.

9) Nationality: British

10) Astrology Sign: Saggitariusness

11) Chinese Astrology Sign: I'm a cute little bunny! A fire bunny to be precise.

12) Religion: Ehh, one day I'll have a long think about this and get back to you.

13) What's your favorite smell?: Washing Powder...mmmmm... Clean Bedsheets....mmm... 'Be Delicious' by DKNY

14) Political Position?: SHRUG.

15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?: Tea, Herbal or normal, water.

16) Hair + Eye color: Brown/Ginger/Blone and "Duckshit Green" (to quote snowmask :giggle:)

17) Do you look like anyone famous?: Someone said I look like a young Jodie Foster... I don't see it. I really don't see it!

18) What do you look like?: fringe and glasses and BIG GRIN.

19) Any unusual talents?: Um... I can meow like a cat so well people look round for cats sometimes! o.O

20) Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?: Righteroo

21) Gay, Straight, Bi or other?: Pretty straight last time I checked. But I am gay for certain lady. ;)

22) What do you do for a living?: Student and flatmonkey.

23) What do you do for fun?: Dance, Draw, Hang Out with buddies :D

24) What are your favorite art materials to work with?: Pencils, Acrylic Paints, Watercolours

25) What kind of materials would you like to work with?: I'd love to know how to make digital stuff look really sweet.

26) Have you met your grandparents?: Only one- My mum's mum. The rest are all long gone.

27) Boyfriend/Girlfriend?: Yarrrrr :].

28) Crush?: Whooooaaa there.

29) What celebrity would you date if you could?: Nomnom, Christian Bale I reckon.

30) Current Worries?: Getting my film in on time =[

31) Favorite Online Guys/Girls?: All my fans on DA!

32) Favorite place to be?: In bed....

33) Least favorite place to be?: In really hot unescapable places. Like the tube!

34) Do you burn or tan?: BURN BURN YES YOU'RE GONNA BURN /rage

35) Ever break a bone?: nnnooope.

36) What is your favorite cereal?: Oatibix :nod:

37) Person you cry with?: Mo and my nomboy. :D

Do you have...

38) Any sisters?: nope

39) Any brothers: Used to have an older one.

40) Any pets?: SQUIDGY! Or George as she's more commonly known.

41) An illness?: Thyroid issues. And then from that lots of other annoying things. >.<

42) A pager?: What is this pager?

43) A personal phone line?: Nurrrr. The house phone is in my name though.

44) A mobile phone?: Yes

45) A visible birthmark?: I gots some moles :B

46) A pool or hot tub?: hot tuuuuub plz.

47) A car?: I can't drive yet, but maybe one day...

Describe your...

48) Personality: worrier, Silly, Happy, Sad, Loud, Rhythmic (lolwhut)

49) Driving: TIMID. =[

50) Clothing Style: erm, bright colours, usually comfy stuff, but I slap heels on now and again ;)

51) Room: Lovely.

52) What's missing?: A double bed, more posters, tv.

53) School: harrowing.

54) Bed: Hard and single =[

55) Relationship with your parent(s): Pretty swell I think, I owe them everything!

56) Do you believe in yourself?: Sometimes.

57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: nuuuu

58) Do you consider yourself a good listener?: I'm the worst fucking person in the world to share your problems with. I won't know what to say and if you get upset I'll get upset too =[

59) Do you have a future dream you would like to share?: Get my name on a tv show's/films credits... Own a house... Have/Adopt a kid.

60) Do you get along with your parent(s)?: I answered this!

61) Do you save your e-mail conversations?: rarely.

62) Do you pray?: nope.

63) Do you believe in reincarnation?: I'd like to but I don't believe it is possible.

64) Do you brush your teeth twice a day?: yes, who doesn't?

65) Like to talk on the phone?: Depends who with...

66) Do you like to eat?: I'M EATING RIGHT NOW.

67) Do you like to exercise?: I used to love running. Now  not so much...

68) Do you like to watch sports?: I get entranced by the marathon. Horse stuff is cool too. And gymnastics. And Boxing. And Tennis.

69) Do you sing in the car?: Lol put me in a car and I will start singing automatically!

70) What is a dream you have all the time?: I used to get some scary nightmares but they've gone now =]

71) Do you dream in color?: yes. I dream in colours I don't think I can even physically describe.

72) Do you have nightmares?: Used to.

73) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Ewww fursuit. =[ I have some teddies on my bed =]

74) Right next to you: Two giraffes, two sheep, a chick and a cat.

75) On you favorite coffee cup: Lackadaisy Cats!

76) On your mouse pad: IT IS A WACCCOOOOM.

77) Your favorite flavor of gum?: Gum is icky.... but... minty is good :P

78) Your brand of deodorant?: Whatever is aboot.

79) Your dream honeymoon spot?: Haven't really though about it to be honest.... Paris, or Tokyo, or... somewhere.

80) Your dream husband/wife?: A RICH BASTARD. =[

81) Hiding in your closet?: Erm, a tramp? There's just clothes in there, na'mean?

82) Under your bed?: Dust.

83) The name of one of your closest/best friends?: Rozmatron

84) Your bad time of the day: early morn =[

85) Your worst fear(s): Dying before I've done anything uberly cool =]

86) What's the weather like?: At the moment it's being AMAZING

87) Your favorite time of year?: late summmmer

88) Your favorite holiday?: One of the Paris ones :B.

89) A material weakness?: Black Tshirts

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Fried Egg on a Waffle!

91) At the top of your 'To-Do' list?: FINISH FILM!

92) The hardest thing about growing up?: standing on your own two.

93) A pet peeve?: people who lick there finger to turn the page.

94) Your scariest moment?: When the rabbit tried to rape me. :P

95) Your attitude about love?: SCARY!

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?: Erm, dunno.

97) The worst feeling in the world?: being told someone close to you has suddenly died.

98) The best feeling in the world?: Having money in my bank! Adrenalin Rushes are fun =3

99) Who sent this to you?: :iconrapstertee:

100) Six people YOU tag:
  • Listening to: PJ Harvey
  • Reading: All those devmeet journals!
  • Watching: ANTM
  • Playing: Super Mario 64 DS
  • Eating: Pastaaa
  • Drinking: Teaface
Kallamanoo! Why hurro there. Devmeet journal time! COMMENCE!

Devmeet Bsns

K, so I'm terrible at remembering faces, names, dev-names and the like, but I'll try!

First off here are some photos I didn't take!

Cardiff Bowling Meet 08 by dusty-hacker Cardiff Bowling Meet 08 Part 2 by dusty-hacker Cardiff Devmeet March 2008 by zilla774 Cardiff Devmeet 2008 by carbon-12 Cardiff Mega Spring Meet by greenie

I have got them all on my pooter now and they make me squee with such delight!

Anyhoo, other people have prolly described the meet better than me, so I will just ramble about the stuff that made me smile :D

(some of the) GOOD POINTS!
:bulletblue: Ok, ok, let me think. Arriving at the station was cool, most people were extremely early. It was nice to have a traveling buddy in the form of Yusecki. That's never happened before! Then arrival, and MANY HUGGINS!
:bulletblue:KatCardy's pages in the Dreamworks Tales comic! Yay!
:bulletblue: Most deviants fail at bowling! I barely broke 100 =[
:bulletblue: Idle chatter with lovely people is lovely. Devmeets bring out the awesome people!
:bulletblue:Back to the Motley mansion, a nice chilled hangout time was had. Not too many drunkards, roffle.
:bulletblue: Roffles at the "Wandering Jew" comment in the "Don'ts For Husbands" Book from THE PAST
:bulletblue:Then Life Drawing session the morning/afternoon after. Was cool n.n

:bulletblue: maxwell-heza can't find her iPod now=[
:bulletblue: Me and greenie's terrible sleep on a cramped sofabed with two other people =[

AND NOW THE SPECIAL AWARDS! (yes, all you guys are special)

:bulletblue: Fiercest Hug Award goes to raygirl
:bulletblue: Zomg Fry Up goes to zilla774
:bulletblue: Special props to my fellow non-pizza-eater miniminx545
:bulletblue: maxwell-heza gets Awesome Organising Award, and Best Life Model!
:bulletblue: carbon-12 wins the Lollin' Caption Award
:bulletblue: StressedJenny wins Best Outfit. I want your leg warmers! (If my memory serves me correctly, leg warmers were involved...)
:bulletblue: I hand over the Please-Don't-Hate-Me-And-Hope-Apple-Fix-Comp-Soon trophy to cei-
:bulletblue: KatCardy gets a Teaching Award, quiet in class!
:bulletblue: greenie wins most NOMS <3 nomnomnom!

I know there was more of you, you were all lovely but I'll be damned if I remember your names! :P

:hug: Cheers to :iconmaxwell-heza: for letting us stay, and organising. I had a wonderful time, best weekend ever! :hug:
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  • Reading: Norweigan Wood- Murakami (AGAIN)
  • Watching: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
  • Playing: Super Mario 64 DS
  • Eating: MEAT
  • Drinking: Waterrrr
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah wtf.


I found my school leavers book today, ther were photos and writings in there. God a picture of me I looked so FUGLY why did nobody tell me?!?!? It's embarrasing. And chubbeh. Fugly chubbeh-cheeked girl. ROFFLe. I am in a weird mood, this is going to be a weird journal, eh. Deal with its! :P

Wasn't school just the shittiest thing ever? And yet I look back on the photos of people (so goddamn YOUNG) and you could fool me into believing it was the best time of our young lives. Who here liked school? Show of hands plz?

Also read through some of my 'diaries', hahah. Not like day to day but every so often I would write some stupid shit in this book. No you can't read it! Depressing reading about the 2003 parts though. I have an entry from the 23rd October, the Important Death day...I was sad because I had an odd feeling of wanting to comfort the me in the past who had wrote those things, say hey kid, it gets better eventually. never felt that before. Well I say better. It's not the write word. Manageable IU guess. Though it still really fucking hurts. Gah I need to find this murakami paragraph on death, he does it in a brilliant and non-emo way. Legend. I WON'T DESCEND INTO EMO
but yeah other stuff in there made me grin stupidly. Funny funny stuff. Stupid teenager stuff. Stuff about seeing music, i used to write up little reports on gigs and they are SO FUCKING ADORABLE. I had forgotten so much of what i wrote in there it was like reading stuff that hadn't happened to me.

Memory is sooooooooo rubbish.

Man it;s only eleven and i'm so tiiired. Bedbedbebdbed. Totally watched the wizard of oz today... it's not as good as i remembered. The lion is a ninja though.

I' m gonna go mellow out to sigur ros, in fact i think its the music making me all dopey. HOOOLY SHIT Devmeet soon mothernuzzlers. S'gonna be well mint innit /chav

See ya nomnom¬

Katerrrrrrrrrr (too lazy to chekc for spelling errors)
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  • Eating: Charlseton Chews!
  • Drinking: Teaface
Sup my peeps, how are you? Keeping well? Eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day? With lots of fibre? And caek?



...Well, my old one never recovered, so... NEW life! I have new computer now! It is one of these:


IT'S WELL LUSH. I should name it, I think. Bought it on monday, and it was delivered tuesday. Is that not awesome? I think that's awesome.

Much, much, love- indecent amounts of love- to cei- for letting me borrow his nommy Macbook. (I hope it's alright =[) Dude, I gotta buy you something. What would you like? A chimney? Bread? :heart:

I need speakers, then my comp life will be complete. How much are good speakers? Like, not Sennheiser/ Bose quality, something a little less expensive. Any ideas?

Film you say?

Half way through film making, innit. HALP! Need to get my ass in gear... And it's not even that I'm being lazy and not animating yanno- it's just that I have THAT much work to do! :fear: Rough animation, then timing it nice, maybe some cleanup, editing, selective colour, the list goes on! I hope I don't get a stomach ulcer from the stresses :B Lol, prolly not, I work well under stresses.

So yah my life is mostly concentrating on finishing this film! ...And stealing a chance to visit my dear greenie when I can :B :heart:

I think by the end of May I'll have had ULTIMATE ENOUGH of cats and can cans. Speaking of which, I NEED to find the title for this film. The working title is "Can Can Cat" but I can't have "Can Can" in the title, it gives the game away! So if anyone has any ideas, please lemme know =] FANKS!


Devmeet you say? Whee, you'll next see me at the Cardiff Devmeet, which I believe will be on the Sat 29th March. It' organised by maxwell-heza, who you should all love for organizing and being lovely. Can't wait to see some familiar faces, and maybe some new 'uns too! :D

Hope all you guys is nice on DA. I am sorry for being a lame-ass watcher, but you can understand.... right? I STILL LOOK AT THE THINGS YOU PUT IN MY WATCH, I PROMISE. Unless they're rubbish :P :P :P


Kater xx


1. Finish rough animating Can Can Cat
2. Finish Brian essay on Intertextuality
3. Finish Pete essay on Sound and Film
4. Buy speakers
5. Attend devmeetege!
6. Not forget all my friends' birthdays that are really close to each other!! Damn Pisceans!!! :P

And now- A Tag. :P If ya wanna do it, do it.

7 Things that scare you...
1-Babies, giving birth, everything connected to babies and giving birth.
2- Craneflies/ Daddy-Long-Legses buzzing about
3- Squeaky noises that balloons make =[
4- Driving =[
5- I had an irrational fear of dying when I was 20. It was very scary, but now I am 20, and still alive, so I think I've gotten over it. =]
6- People. Generally. :P
7- Dr. Jon Perlman off of Extreme Makeover =[

7 Things you like the most...
1- Drawing
2- Eating
3- Friendsssss
4- Music
5- Caek
6- Cats (I'm gonna be a cat lady)
7- Internets

7 Important things in your room...
1- Bed. Needs to be bigger though.
3- Light Box for animatin'
4- Wacomcomcom
6- Teddy bears =[
7- American candies! (courtesy of madmen

7 Random facts about you...
1- I'm freaking obsessed with American celebrities/ TV shows. Mostly Tyra Banks =[
2- I like to sleep on my left side, the side without the ear piercings!
3- My mp3 player is coming up to five years old and still going strong.
4- I need to stop biting my damn nails!
5- I buy all my underwear from La Senza, and nowhere else!
6- I think everyone needs a pair of converse sneakers in their life.
7- Apparently I go into a trance when I eat food o.O WELL IT IS NOMMY.

7 Things you plan to do before you die
1- Go to America
2- Be credited as 'storyboard artist' in TV show/Film
3- Live in London/ Paris
4- Buy a House? Scary!
5- Run the London Marathon
6- Be a Maid of Honour for a friend's wedding
7- Get a tattoo

7 Things that attract you to the opposite sex...
1- Height :P
2- Humour
3- Smile
4- Smell- i.e. B.O. is a no-no
5- Talent/Passionate about something
6- Eyes
7- Musical tastes

7 Things you say the most... stupid expressions xD
2- zomg.
3- So's your face/Mum
4- Awesome-o
5- What the fudge?
7- *random singing*

7 Celeb or NOT-REAL crushes...
1- Christian Bale
2- Jonathan Rhys Meyers
3- Daniel Day Lewis
4- André Benjamin
5- Guy from the Cool Water Advert
6- Alex Kapranos
7- Anthony Kiedis

7 Favorite drinks...
1- Tea
2- Water
3- Smoothies
4- Herbal Tea
5- Hot Chocolate
6- Chocolate Soya Milk
7- More tea :B