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7tsp -v0.3-

By Kipsten
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(Updated to v0.3 on 15 Oct, 2010)

We wanted a simple way to customize our complete OS, so we created 7tsp.
The patcher will back up the original (current) system files, and patch your Windows 7 with a resource pack.

There are Official 7tsp Color packs available for download here and some of our users have created Custom Packs.

It's even possible to create your own custom Theme/Icon pack's and apply them with the 7tsp GUI.
or just edit a existing pack to match your preferences.
Modifications can include icons, bitmaps, cursors, visual style, Start button, side panel, logon screen, sounds, fonts, task manager colors, copy animation colors, etc.

With the restore function you can restore your system files back to how they were before they were patched or back to Windows default.

You can find the patcher >> here <<.

7tsp by: Fixit
The 7tsp Color packs by me :)

Have fun!
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Hi, does this work with windows 10 ?
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Make this work with windows 10! :)
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Thanks Kipsten. Any plan for future ? :)
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Can some one tell me where is the file to change the logon
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My new favourite tool!
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Thank you so much Kipstem,Very cool share! :P
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thank you nice
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I LOVE these icons - esp the drives and the zip files ... but (sob) ... I know absolutely nothing about patches and/or system changing apps and frankly don't really like the idea of "changing all my folders" ...

What I would really love to know (and ask) is to find out if you might make these icons available in a winrar or zip download??

I would be so very, very grateful!?

God Bless and "kudos"!
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Thanx! :dance:

The packs are zipped with 7zip.
These can be extracted with a compression tool of choice (like 7zip or winrar).
After extracting, you can open the .res files from the resources folder with ResHacker (website) and extract/save all the icons that you like.

Or you can just remove the files you don't like from the pack and patch it with the patcher. The patcher will only replace resources (icons, bmp's etc) that are present in the pack.

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Имейте позитивный умственный настрой
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You're welcome :D
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