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:bulletorange: Hello everybody :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: I decided to do a FB cosplay page :bulletorange:
If you want to follow my cosplay works, my photos and my "WIP",
You can like, comment & share my page :3

:bulletorange:… :bulletorange:

Thanks a lot for you support :heart:
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:bulletorange: Thank you very much for the 10,000 PV ! :bulletorange:
I'm really happy to see that lot of people follow my cosplayer job !
I thank all of you for your support ! :heart:

:bulletorange: Paris Manga :bulletorange:
Sunday was Paris Manga at Paris. The con is not the best in Paris at all.
Nevertheless, I was really happy to go to PM because I saw lot of my good friends even if a few was not here.
I was in a great Resident Evil group with :iconalyhajime: as Ada Wong, :iconjio-saso: as Wesker, :iconhirako-f-w: as Leon S. Kennedy and me as Claire Redflield. And we had a really cute zombie who was :iconbubuth: :heart:

I'm waiting for photos to put it on DA ! I hope you'll enjoy my new cosplay.

:bulletorange: About Claire Redfield :bulletorange:
I made the Darkside Chronicles outfit. I didn't have my red jacket because I didn't receive the good fabric, I'm angry and sad too.
So I'll make it later...

Thanks a lot for you support ! ♥
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:bulletorange: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY ! :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: 2012 was not my favorite year at all T__T
So I'll hope 2013 will be really great and rewarding !

:bulletorange: For 2013, I'm beginning a new cosplay but it's a secret hahaha and I'm waiting for my wig for Claire Redfield !
I'll post some WIP of my Claire Redfield cosplay !
I have got some projects for this year so I hope that I can do it ! :3

Thanks a lot for your support! :heart:
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:bulletorange: Hiiiiiii everybody!

:bulletorange: So in theory, i'm on vacations but I'm working during all my summer until the 31st August!
Nevertheless, I'm going to London from the 3rd of September to the 7th with :iconhirako-f-w:!!! :heart:

:bulletorange:I didn't make a report of Japan Expo! So I say just one word about it: Not perfect but really cool!!

:bulletorange: About cosplay:

I have to work on my Panty dress, but I don't really have the time, so i have to move my ass to do it 'cause Paris Manga is the 15th of September!!
Moreover, I decided to make a great costume for Japan Expo' (in 2013) but it's a surprise for the moment! :3
And I'm really motivated to make the Zelda Twilight Princess costume for :iconwanderkitsun3:!!

Sinon, juste un petit mot pour dire que vous me manquez beaucoup: :iconsetsukimeigetsu:, :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconlobalemu:, :iconpearl-nacree:, :iconblack--deamon:, :iconmatsuki6918: et beaucoup d'autres!! J'ai vraiment hâte de vous revoir :heart: :heart:

Thanks a lot for your support, watch and fav'!!

XXX Kipiz'!
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:bulletorange: Hello everyone!

:bulletorange:This week end was Epitanime (Paris) and it was a great con, in fact it's my favorite con' of the year!!

Saturday: I wore my new cosplay: Jessie - Team Rocket - and this cosplay is a real challenge for me 'cause I had to "show my body" xD
Seriously, my wig is too heavy for my head and didn't hold on it 'cause it's bigger than my head... I have to work on my cosplay (again and again).
Nevertheless, my James :iconhirako-f-w: was totally perfect, the real James! :3

Sunday: I wore my Elizabeth Middleford cosplay (the pink dress) and it was the last time I wore this cosplay for a con'. However, I'll wear it a last time for a shooting.
I was in a kuroshitsuji group with :iconhirako-f-w: as Grell Sutcliff, :iconwanderkitsun3: as Undertaker and :iconlobalemu: as my cute Ciel! :heart:
We made a perform on stage and we won the third price for our performance! I'm very happy yeaaaaaah

So, Epitanime was a really good moment with my friend and I was very happy to see all of them!
We had a beautiful weather with 27°C on average. :D

:bulletorange:Now, I'm in vacation, I finished my exam the past week and I'm waiting for the results.

:bulletorange:About my new cosplay project, I'm thinking of a new one for Japan Expo (maybe) but i'm not sure so I'll tell you later!

Thanks a lot for your support! ♥  
xxx Kipiz'
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Hello everybody,

I'm really sorry, I don't have the time to go on Deviantart and thank each of you for your support, so I do it here: THANK YOU A LOT FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND FAV! :heart:

:bulletorange: News! :bulletorange:

I did a Naruto (Kimono outfit) photoshoot with :iconhirako-f-w: who make a special Sasuke kimono outfits and :iconsorenran: who is a GREAT photographer!!
The result is very beautiful, really sweet and "spring"!

We took some Bleach photos too! The photo will be available soon x)

:bulletorange: Cosplay WIP :bulletorange:

My next cosplay which is Jessie (Team Rocket) progresses but too slowly and it's really hard to me to mix study and cosplay, but I have to finish it for Epitanime : 25th of May!

I can do it !! :S

Thanks a lot for your support,
See you soon ^^

XXX Kipiz'!
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:bulletorange: Hellow :bulletorange:

Sorry for the looooong absence but i'm coming back! I took vacations *Q* And that was sooooo~ cool!!

I'm trying to thank all of you who "watching" and "faving" me but it take a lot of time 'cause i'm lazy :O

:bulletorange: Cosplay :bulletorange:

I begin my new cosplay more particularly the wig and I hope it will be perfect because it's very hard to make it!!!! >.<

:bulletorange: Photos :bulletorange:

I would like to do another photoshoot of my Lizzy pink dress because I don't have very nice photos to publish on Deviantart.
But, I'll try to do some photos for DA and for you ! :3

Thanks for your support :heart:

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  • Drinking: Orange juice

I hope you'll have a nice day! I hope Santa Claus spoiled you a lot! :3

xxx Kipiz' ♥
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Hello everyone,

:bulletorange: My life has been very colorful since the 5th November.

:bulletorange: The 5th November, so it was my birthday party and I saw all my friend, you are so amazing and perfect so thanks you guys, I love you so much!! ♥
:iconhirako-f-w:, :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconblack--deamon:, :iconmatsuki6918:, :iconsetsukimeigetsu:, :iconjio-saso: and :iconbubuth: !

:bulletorange: The 6th, it was my "official birthday date" (I'm 19 years old *thumbs up*) and I went to the concert of Within Temptation with Mylene at Zénith (Paris), it was a perfect concert, very nice and fun and... WITHIN ROCKS!!! x3
Thanks to Mylène for this wonderful experience!

:bulletorange: And the epic week end was this one!
Wenesday with Hirako, we went to Zénith (again) to see 30 Seconds to Mars. And I would like say that a weird day, really.
Hirako has fallen in the metro on his right-hand and with two friends we went to buy some ointment and bandages.
Nevertheless, we went to the concert.
That's really AMAZING, it was like if we entered in a sphere where existing only the band and the public. Thanks 30 STM for this concert! ♥

The problem is at the end, we went to the hospital because the Hirako's hand was really swelled and it was abnormal. We learnt his hand was broken during the fall... So he passed 1 day and 2 nights at the hospital. I was really worried.
But today, he is good with a "hand strap" - une atèle in french- (I don't know how to explain in english sorry). And he is at home in his bed xD

And for me, I'm sick my throat burns me, it's really cool -__-

So this is the story of my life!

:bulletorange: At the cosplay level:

I received a new wig for a new character yeah yeah and I'll make some pictures when I have the time, I promise!

Thanks for your support,

I love you :heart:

XXX Kipiz'!

EDIT: Finally, I've got a Twitter account even if I don't understand anything to "how use Twitter" xD But it's fun so this is the!/Kipizette
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:bulletorange: Saturday, I went to Paris Games Week with :iconwanderkitsun3: and that was pretty cool!
It was my first con based only on Video games. It was very huge with many people and the decor was really amazing especially for Nintendo, Zelda, Need for speed - the run, Battlefield 3 and COD MW3!

:bulletorange: Sunday - I saw my boyfriend and it was amazing too x3

And I'm in HOLIDAYS!!!!! youhouuuuu xD

:bulletorange: My November program:

- October, 31st : Make a Halloween party

- November, 5th: My birthday party

- 6th: The Within Temptation concert (and my birthday :O I'll be so old xD)

- 11th: The 30 Seconds to Mars concert with :iconhirako-f-w: :heart:

And I hope I'll advance my next cosplay which is a surprise for you!

Thanks for your support! :hug:

xxx Kipiz' ♥
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:bulletorange: So the last week, it taken place Paris Manga.

:bulletorange: The con is really bad, but the atmosphere is so cool, and I saw lot of nice people xD
- The Saturday, I was with :iconwanderkitsun3: and we did a Crisis Core, Genesis and Cloud duo and it was so funny and cool!
Ayara-chan took lot of photos, thanks to her! (y)

- The Sunday, I was in a Kuroshitsuji group with :iconwanderkitsun3:, :iconhirako-f-w: and Yuna as Madame Red.
Hirako (Grell) and Yuna won the first price for best skit!
I wore my new Lizzy dress.

:bulletorange: I'm happy because my dress was so hard to make but the result is cool, no perfect but very beautiful (yes I compliment myself, I think I'm sick xD)
I'll publish some photos when I'll have more! lol
I hope you'll enjoy my new photos x)

:bulletorange: Thanks for your support!

See you soon :heart:
xxx Kipiz'

P.S: I'm triying to thank to each of you for your faves and watch but it takes lot of time! I'm sorry if I'm too long!
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:bulletorange: I'm coming back to university and this start of school year is so hard because the vacations were very nice xD So I hope for you that everything is ok and your return to work weren't difficult!   

:bulletorange:Fortunately,  I'm working on my new Elizabeth dress for Paris manga!
Seriously, this dress is very difficult to make but I hope to finish it for the con...
I'm very stressed about the result.

:bulletorange:Besides Paris Manga is the next con which going this week end.
My cosplay program is:

Saturday - Cloud strife crisis core outfits, I'm going to do a duo with :iconwanderkitsun3: my excellent Genesis :3 who read me some poems! :P

Sunday -  Elizabeth Middleford - with a new dress-, And I'm going to be in a group with :iconwanderkitsun3: as Sebastian Michaelis, my love :iconhirako-f-w: as the perfect Grell Sutcliff and my lovely Yuna as Madame Red!
So I'm feeling it'll be a very good con with excellent persons!!

:bulletorange: I'm sorry because I don't thank you for the favs but I would like to say you, it's very nice and I'm so happy. So Thanks a lot everybody :heart:

Thanks for you support!
xxx Kipiz'!
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:bulletorange: Okey, so Japan expo is finished and it was so cool, really fun and a great con! I was very surprised!!
I wear a new cosplay "Cloud Strife Crisis Core outfits" and, I'm waiting a photoshoot... I publish some photos as I can!
I am very happy to see some friends and to do some photos!
Our Crisis Core was very cool and my other group too!! =P

:bulletorange: Then, I'm coming back to the holidays with my boyfriend and it was SO PERFECT, really! That's so cool and beautiful, the river was very good... *dream*
The come back to the reality is too hard... *crying!!*

Have a nice holidays!

xxx Kipiz'
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Hi guys,

:bulletorange: I'm so happy, i've got my new pc today and it's so~ cool because I can to come back on deviantart and update my account with new deviations and I can to answer at the comments and so on!!

:bulletorange: I'll tell you about my next con: Japan Expo (Paris) - 30,1,2&3 July.
My cosplay programm is:
Thursday: Naruto version Chunin (customized)
Friday: Hiyori Sarugaki vizard outfits
Saturday: Cloud Strife Crisis Core outfits
sunday:  Elizabeth Middleford!

:bulletorange: I hope to see some of you =P

xxx Kipiz'! ♥
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:bulletorange: I'm sorry but my computer is dead X____x
So I try to go to DA to update it but it is very difficult at the present time!

:bulletorange: I recieve two photoshoots and I will put some photos as soon as I can!

:bulletorange: I promise I will reply all comments and favorites!

See you soon,

Thanks for your support ♥
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Hi everybody !!

:bulletorange: Manga Party Festival is over and it was very special because the con was better outside than inside! xP I saw lot of my friends and it was very cool and good (for my health) ^^
I want to thank :iconpearl-nacree: for this perfect axel-roxas duo!! You are awesome with your axel cosplay!!! =D
Photo coming soon...

:bulletorange: About my new project cosplay, I bought material for two cosplays : Hiyori Sarugaki (Shinigami outfits) and Cloud Strife (Crisis Core outfits)
I'm going to work on them as soon as possible!
And after this two cosplays, I'm going to make a new Elizabeth Middleford's dress!! =D

:bulletorange:My next con is Epitanime (21st/22nd on May), my cosplay programm is:
Saturday: Hiyori Sarugaki shinigami outfits with :iconhirako-f-w:
Sunday: Roxas (KHII)

Bye bye :heart:
And thanks a lot for your support!! =3
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So Japan Expo Sud at Marseille is finished!
Hm, it was not a great con, but it was cool to see everybody!
I thank Hirako and his mother for this very cool week end! =D

Anyway, my next con is Manga Party (Abril 10).
I'll wear my Roxas-cosplay on Sunday ^^

Bye! ^^
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:bulletorange: Paris Manga 11 took place the last week end. This con is passed very fast and it is so saaaaaad!
I already miss you guys, I want to see you soon because it's hard to see you only during the cons!

:bulletorange: The end of Paris Manga marked the end of my holidays and it's cool and not because the holidays is always cool but this holidays was boring because I wasn't able to see my friends...

:bulletorange: Anyway, the next con for me takes place in 2 weeks: Japan Expo Sud (at Marseille) and I can't finished an accessory for my naruto anbu cosplay for the moment!...

:bulletorange: For Japan expo sud, my cosplay programm is:
Saturday: Naruto version ANBU (I hope I'll have my parasol...)
Sunday: Hiyori Sarugaki vizard outfits (And I hope I'll have finished my mask for JE...)

:bulletorange: Pour mes petits français adorés xD J'ai mis des news sur mon blog dont le résumé de PM alors si vous voulez y faire un petit tour voila le lien:
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Hello everybody,

:bulletorange: I'm so happy because my exam was finished :party: so I am on holidays for 2 weeks!! Yatta!

:bulletorange: I'll dedicate my holidays to do my cosplays for Paris Manga and to do my Cloud wig!

:bulletorange: Paris Manga is in 2 weeks and I would like to arrange my Lizzy dress, to remake the details at the bottom. And I'll make the naruto little child (xD) outfits, it's not very complicated but I have to make it! xD

So, see you soon guys! 'Love you :heart:
I'm very chocked xD
I saw my profil to find anything (I forgot what I searched xD) and I saw that: 2,000 people see my devantart account!

So I would like thank the people who support me because it's very cool and nice!

Thank you so much =3