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Edit: I wanted my computer's wallpaper to be something less serious and more bright-eyed, so I continued painting the previous version of this artwork! (First version:… ) I did this new version at the beginning of summer, but decided to update it here just now. I'm sure some prefer the first one, but I wanted the new one here since it's a picture I see every time I use my computer haha. It felt weird to see the old version in my gallery...
I also changed the name, since "territory" doesn't fit the wolf's expression that much anymore haha.

Something I started a while ago but just now finished! I got a new pc and used this as the wallpaper. ´v`
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beautiful, I like the new version better too! :)

Beautiful white wolf in his territory!!! wonderful ART,i loved this wolvie so MUCH,and i'm also absolutely loved the green eyes of this white wolf!!!🤩❤️✨😍

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Woah, I love this! Looks fantastic! I love your brushstrokes and the atmosphere and use of colour! Really awesome piece! Fantastic job! :happybounce:

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I love the shapes and colors ♡
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The beast stalks its prey I see~
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Woah- your art is gorgeous! Do you think you'd have some tips for me? (I use IbisPaint on mobile since i lost the pen to my tablet a while back now. Intense crying of i loved that pen )

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The eyes are very beautiful! And the look itself ... As if he said, "I will kill you if you come closer."

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I'm drowning in those eyes, so so beautiful <3

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beautiful shapes!

Hawkshadow743's avatar

:heart: simply stunning!

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Wau, aivan mahtavaa työtä! Aivan upeesti oot varjostanu tän ja toi taustaki o aiva ihana!

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this is so gorgeous oh my god, I love the stylization but also how it's realistic and painterly and AUGH so good

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Freaking gorgeous!

I have Secret of Kells vibes looking at this, and I love it :la:

DarkTaraArts's avatar

OMG that movie is so great! <3 <3 <3 Love the movies that studio does! Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers! Just such masterpieces of art!

Yessss! I think all artists ought to watch them, just for inspiration! I love their style and the music and... gahhh pretty much everything *-*

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