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"I've heard of someone killing my brothers and sisters... How foolish of them, thinking that I wouldn't get to know..."

The story continues..! The wolf leader can wield thunder and will make their enemy pay for sure. I thought that the animals of this story get their powers from Mother nature by different ways. The wolf got struck by a lightning and can now control electricity, yay.
Art-wise I think I've figured something out and it's somehow easier to make finished pieces..!
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Hey, I was wondering if I could use this as banner art for a pack type of thing? Its perfectly fine if not, I understand. I’d give full credit btw, a link and everything.

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Like hell, but also heavenly anger and sacrifice... Pretty intense art man :D 
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i'm in love with all of your work.
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i think this shows how most people view wolves but this only happens when someone threatens them... overall great look.
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just an FYI
i have a charecter sort of like this one he goes in sane but i can only draw him by hand so i need to figure out a way to post him.
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Wow that wolf looks so sinister I feel it looks like it's evil I think this is so cool will definitely favorite
Is there an actual novel/story to buy/read behind these amazing characters you draw?!
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Ah, I'm flattered you'd want to read about my characters! But no, sorry. I should try to write something someday though..!
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This is epic, and by looking at it I think you'd really like reading Blizzard Winds!…
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Wow!! so beautiful :D
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Make the #$@^er pay!rage Medic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 
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Awesome work, the fur looks so realistic :D
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Omg that background and the intensity of this...I love it <3
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This is incredible! The detail is amazing but it's still so loose and full of feeling and character. Your work is just breath taking <3
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your drawings are INSANE I swear
look at all those details
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This is amazing! Can you give me any tips to draw better wolves?
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This is incredible!!! You can see a story through this, the atmosphere es specially great :heart:
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Love the style.  Beautiful work. :)
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Woah, amazing! The colors and perspective are awesome! The lightning looks super cool! :)
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amazing colors!
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Amazing!! How do you do it so quick! And it looks so amazing!
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