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"He kept telling that it wasn't the wolves that were taking the sheep."


My bearded vulture dragon character again. I just wanted to finish something 'bigger' because lately I've been kinda unmotivated to paint digitally (especially to finish paintings) and it's frustrating ugh. Therefore this is kinda messy. Urrrrrrr, I'd like to be able to stay motivated with details, but they are difficult. I should just practice bigger backgrounds more. >:::00||| 
So trying to get back to painting finished things more frequently. I don't know if I've started to get too critical of my work or just don't know which way to develop it? I guess I should try more different styles.
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looks like youve finally blinded me . its too beautiful for my eyes
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Great creature! But what it is?
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Awesome *-* this creature is great !
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I love this, and you can still see where the artwork goes even though it's unfinished/sketchy. You set out light and shadow in a way that defines the space and the "mood" in the picture really neat.

Someone once said that art is like a staircase. You rise, and then there's a stall, which is the platform. When we are there, it might be hard to notice changes, or improvement, in art. And sometimes it might even seem like we used to be better or have more motivation. Being more critical of your art can be a good thing, but don't let it discourage you. Sooner or later you'll have an "upswing" moment again and see how much you've developed.
It can be really frustrating to be an artist! But I saw your gallery and I went "wow, I'll strive to be that good too" - and I hope you know that you can still be a motivation for others out here, even if you see your own art curve more critically.
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It looks intimidating, beautiful and magnificent at the same time! :O I'm in awe
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He looks so awesome! I really don't know what to say it's just really beautiful~
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Nnnfh, I want to paint like this <3
Keep it up <3
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Gorgeous colours, and gorgeous character too! :D
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Amazing work, keep it up
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despite what you say about it being messy, its alot better than i can do.
NezirNezirevic's avatar
Crazy, the detail is amazing, but the mix of colors is just so good :)
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WOWWWWW!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: This is so prettyyy! I LOVE IT!!!
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Whatever you're feeling about this try to take yourself with a little grain of salt. ;)
This is seriously great! The creature design is very interesting (loving the vulture inspiration), and the whole painting has some nice energy throughout. Sure, you could refine everything a bit more but I feel if you worked on the environment too much we'd lose that nice focus that emphasized towards the dragon. If I could give any suggestions that might help inspire you.. maybe consider the textures in your scene and how they transition. I feel if we saw the sky with more softness and less painterly strokes it would help give our eyes a place to rest from all of the wonderful movement in your brushstrokes everywhere else.
Sorry for the mini-ramble. I just love this! <3
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Ah, thank you for your comment! It really helps!
You made some good points! Especially with textures - I could focus on those more. ´v´ 
And thank you! ´<`
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Aw, you're so welcome! Thank YOU for continuing to inspire me. Keep it up! ;v;
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Sounds like you're itching for a calling, a new angle, maybe? If so, don't think that you're locked into one setting, you're totally free to experiment, have some fun, or even set things down for a while until you feel like you're ready to come back! ^^ Sometimes flying low, if only for a little while, is the best thing you can do for yourself (Love his throat btw, it's so beautiful! ;D).
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That's a good point you made! I may have been too focused on what one style I'd want to achieve. Thank you for your comment!
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Wow, this is so pretty and strong and breathtaking! Great job!
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You know....he can just have the sheep!

Beautiful job!
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ohhh bearded vultures are gorgeous. Bearded vulture + dragon is the best thing
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