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Owl Creature Redraw

I was looking through my gallery and found this creature! I liked it and decided to redraw it, and I'm happy with the result! I already know some things I could've done better with the new version, but maybe I'll redraw it again in a few years.

If you're ever bored or somehow unsatisfied with your art, redraw something and you'll see how far you've come!
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Pretty cool. Me likey.

DarkmasterN's avatar

I'm happy to find this, I've seen this image, or miniatures and other art of this creature all over the internet and wanted to find the original one. it's very cool~

WillowCreates's avatar

Dang! That's so neat looking!

I would love to see this in a live action fantasy movie.

Atumney's avatar
seeing this gives me hope
littylove456's avatar
Holy hell i have tried drawing art for a few years and tbh not improved >.< im still working on paper.. 
KeltronX's avatar
Reminds me of Wan Shi Tong from The Last Airbender. This is awesome.
K-Razors's avatar
So in six years I should hopefully be awesome....-cries-
Wolvieez's avatar
I cant get over how amazing the improvement is xO And the character itself is amazing omg <33
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
VSees's avatar
this is ... omG HOW
Kronomatika's avatar
AWESOME!..I love the re-draw challenges~<3
Saurial's avatar
I fking love this
WolfyWearsABeanie's avatar
Blarghdeblargh's avatar
MorganHowell's avatar
well done :) love seeing how much people can improve, keep going!
Inklev's avatar
do you have the Photoshop file for this?
gosh I'd love to know how you do it.
Kipine's avatar
I have actually! Such a late answer hahhg, do you still want to see it?
Inklev's avatar
are you still willing to? ;w; aaaaa sorry if i'm being naggy
Inklev's avatar
Thank you so much! ;w;
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