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Orchid Viper

By Kipine
I'm sure something like this has already been created but I couldn't stop seeing little viper heads in my mom's orchids and just had to draw it.
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ik this is an old post but oh gigaflops, this is awesome. ;0; i always see serpentine faces in orchids as well and once drew an orchid serpent/dragon sometime back lol this is beautifully done :>

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I loved how you used the inside of the moth orchid as an opportunity to make a snake
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This is the most adorable snake I have ever seen. Makes me kinda sad I was so late to find this.
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Please drawing more of these guys:heart:
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this is so great!
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I would not want to find this little guy while walking down the street...
Very creative though, well done! 
What drawing program(s) do you use?
this looks awesome :D
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*looks nervously at orchid on my desk* xD This would be terrifying if these were real. Like if they mimicked other flowers. You bend down to smell a rose and NOPE IT'S A SNAKE and you get bit in the face. 
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I've never thought of this before...but you are right!  They kind of do look like viper heads. :aww:   This viper looks so sweet and cuddly. :tighthug:  It also kind of reminds me of the venom spitting dinosaur from the movie Jurassic Park. :D
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Hehee, they do yes! Sweet and cuddly? Haha, well maybe, perhaps it's a kind orchid viper..!
Yeah, it has that kind of feel to it!
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That's so cool!!!!!
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aaagh i want one of these
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Haha I have to admit it'd be really cool to have these in a vase..!
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gaah i know. I like how you made the petals kinda shaped like a snake tongue and folded the others downward like fangs. It 100% is a snake, but you created it with all the natural parts of the flower(except the eyes of course)
Pretty bitching workMedic's Rage Intensifies (Chat Icon) 
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Iiii, thank you very much! ´<`
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What a nice and creative idea. Well done :D
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What a cool concept! :D
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AAAAAAAAAAAARGH  Now I will think of this every time I look at my orchids.
:)   It will be fun!   Neat work.  Thanks for showing me a new side of looking.  :)
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Hahaaaa that's awesome!
Thank you very much!
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That is so cool!
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