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Fantasy Wolf [free to use!]

I thought I'd paint something solely for others to use. I'll probably make more. ´<`


- DON'T use for profit
- Don't claim you made it
- Credit me!
- Small tweaks are fine (like color etc.)
- Yes, you can use this for your forum banner, rp character picture, wallpaper, etc.!

- Ei mielellään suomalaisiin roolipeleihin!
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this wolf is amazing⊙.☉

outstanding detail!!!😊

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This is beautiful!

Wow amazing I dont think ever be this good

What a STUNNING fantasy, spirit wolvie,i love wolves so MUCH, really wonderful ART 😍💖

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Love the colours.

I'm trying to use this as my Profile picture (thing???) on Pokefarm Q. i have no idea how to get it to work and i have no idea how to credit you. please help

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:OOOOO I love wolves! This is beautiful!

How do I use this file it will not work

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This is such a beautiful painting

Can I use this for the cover of a fantasy novel that will be self-published?

(Not sure if that counts as making profit or not; I, as the author, will be making profit from the book as a whole, not just the cover.)

But I don't know how. Can someone please tell me
I want to change the fur color to a black blue and the glow fur designs neon purple and neon turquoise.
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Nice. I will use it for a wiki, of course without profit and with credit.

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I love this for representing a spirit of some sort in one of my TTRPG games. The glowing marks and the look on their face have my mind brimming with ideas!

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Was wondering if I could use this for some banner art ? (for animal jam)

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May I use this for a site called wolfhome
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Reminds me of the webcomic Offwhite
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May I use this as an avatar offsite? It's called Wolf Play.
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