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Bunny hop WIP

Work in progress!
Done in TV Paint Animation Pro.

I do these sort of animation "sketches" from time to time. You can see more from my Twitter! :
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derpberd's avatar
I love this test!!!!!
Ola888's avatar
So smooth <3
Dezigre's avatar
Good movements and anatomy *^* I can see the power of jumping even though the muscules are not visible
RatteJak's avatar
Why the fuck am I suddenly seeing bots like this all over DA 
Alley-san's avatar
Boing boing boing...
Katheresepaula's avatar
Really great! Such talent!
d8nkmemelord's avatar
this looks great! keep it up
Koissiel's avatar
Movement is the good start for any animator, keeo going
Sarahdawolf's avatar
Aw yissss

This is awesome!! So cute!!
NightofTheCapricorn's avatar
This is amazing :D You are so talented
BulbaFriend's avatar
hippity hop hippity bop
sandwingmedallion's avatar
this is awesome! keep up the good work!
Edema-Ruh's avatar
Omg amazing! Looks so smooth! :D
Naralani's avatar
Aww I love this! The timing, squash and stretch, and secondary action are very well done!!
Dream-Chaserz's avatar
fuck off you're clapped
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