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Bearded vulture dragon

I really like these creatures. They're fun to draw!
This one is a colorful one.

So, creatures like these will have a better name soon, but for now I'll call them bearded vulture dragons.
They live near mountains in north. As like any dragon the bearded vulture dragons enjoy gold, jewelry and other shiny things. They can live in packs or alone. The color of their pelt can be almost any color but the common ones are usually red, orange or brown. They can breathe fire or ice.

Still just drawings of their heads... >v<' But I'll be drawing and writing more info of them. 
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they are so pretty. >w< 
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Does this particular one belong to anyone? Because if not I was wondering if the were up for sale or not? Very gorgeous colors and wonderfully executed.
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You're welcome! They're beautiful! Well done! ^_^
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It is my character sort of, so I'm not selling it. Appreciate you asking though!
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love just love it
this is so STUNNING!! amazing work, keep it coming :) 
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first off the bearded vulture is my favorite bird and saw this when looking for a reference while designing a harpy based on it and I love this it's so badass!
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what program did you use to paint this?
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Photoshop cs5 or cs6 (I can't remember which one). <:
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Alright cool :D, thanks for the quick response!
In a Skullgirls (game) forum we started to discuss these birds and then...…
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Oh damn...this is brilliant!!!
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mahtava idea!
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Oi että nää on kauniita ;w;
Tykkään tän väreistä hirveesti ja muutenki hihii <3
Kipine's avatar
Kiitos!! >v<
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Oleppa hyvä owo
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Amazing! That's a very nice creature. The colours and markings are just perfect, and I love the eyes, too. I love the bearded vulture's eyes and you drew it really well especially with thoses effects! Great job!
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Thank you very much! 
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A really awesome expression and feathers!
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