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"Köpi, Kipi, Kipinä, Kipsu, Kipinee, Kipinae..."
born 08.07.1997


Welcome to my page! I post most of my art here, but also in ArtStation (more concept-y art) and Instagram (more sketches and doodles).

My favorite subjects are nature, animals and fantasy, but I also want to get better at painting humans, post-apocalyptic environments and robots.
My dream job is a concept artist for games or animated films. I study animation at a Finnish school at the moment.

Program I use - Photoshop CC 2015

Commissions are CLOSED
Trades are CLOSED and only for mutuals/friends
I don't take requests, or if I do, I will ask my watchers

Instagram - @kipinee
ArtStation - Kipine / Pauliina Linjama
Tumblr - Kipine
Twitter - @kipinekip

Please, always ask permission if you want to use my art somewhere! If you credit me and it's not for profit, rp-characters, political views, etc. I'll most likely give you permission. But please ask first.

Species idea

Species idea

I thought I’d start to develop these species! I’ve had this concept for a while and I guess I’ve showed some sketches of them before. I don’t know how clear these sketches are, but they’re basically a mix of barn owl, cat and deer. I don’t have lore for them yet, but here are some design tests. I imagine them being timid forest dwellers, kind of half mythical creatures, who are seen very rarely and are believed to bring luck and fortune if you happen to come across one! I kind of want to add some insect type elements to them, like maybe they live in a hive and have a queen and different jobs based on their anatomy. Or they’re born as caterpillars and then turn into a cocoon and emerge as these fluffy critters?¿ Dunno! What do you think? Would you want a character like this? Do you have some ideas for their lore etc.?

Experimental Commissions - CLOSED (2/2)

Experimental Commissions - CLOSED (2/2)

About I got an iPad and Procreate, and I'm testing things out with it. Since I'm experimenting with it anyway, I thought I'd open a few commission slots for experimental style artwork! These commissions will be based purely on my artistic vision (however I will read the character's description of course) and as I said, experimental, so the styles may be very different from each other. The price is 50€ and payment is via PayPal. (My PayPal email is For extra 5€, I can send you the time lapse video of the artwork! Payment is upfront. I will give you the artwork when I've received the payment. An addi
edit: I was thinking 50€ as the price. Would you guys be interested in experimental commissions? I thought I could do some with my iPad, since I'm testing things out with it anyway. Don't know the price yet, but here are some examples:   

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I wish you would make/sell art courses someday!

What software do you use?

hello i wanted to ask u if u would like to participate on a proyect if u would indeed like to help it would be with drawing it will be awesome if u have discord pass it to me so we could talk and il send u a friend request thanks il wait for ur response.

Which art program do you use?

I use Procreate nowadays! I used to use Photoshop before, but now I only use it for some paintings.

Your gallery catches me I'm a fish in the net now ever