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Revelation of Ula'ran: Couple Embrace by Kiotoko-Solo Revelation of Ula'ran: Couple Embrace by Kiotoko-Solo
Concept art of Sat and Saelule. I have had an overwhelming number of people eact to my mini comic involving Sat and Saelule. Despite the comic's bitter undertones, people assume they end up together. Those people were completely right.

Just a little information for those of you who do follow my story (despite me not posting here as much as I do on Instagram):

Sat and Saelule are the parents of Valentine, Chaoru, and Koa'haul. Leathrix is Sat's daughter, but Saelule is not her father. Sat and Saulule didn't have the best of introductions.

During a royal gathering, Kregis introduced Sat one of his top officers of Generations Army, Saelule. Saelule preferred to be called Saul, a name given to him by Ula'ran Generations. Saul was not a Ulran, in fact he was a recruit from an uncharted planet just outside their galaxy. Saul's demeanor came off as rash and repulsive to Sat. Upon several minutes of meeting with him, she goes against the O.T.H.E.R.S. terms and conditions by using her powers. Sending him sailing into the center fountain, Sat publicly embarrassed Saul for the entire gathering to witness. Sat was detained for the night due to her actions, but not without a smirk of satisfaction smeared across her face. Despite her bitterness on their first encounter, Saul was captivated by her firey personality. A couple days after the party, Saul showed up at Sat's house to ask if she would like to go on a date. Sat slammed the door on his face, however doubts of her attitude towards him reared. Opening the door, she begrudgingly agreed to his offer. After a couple months of courting, Sat grew fond of the brash man. Sat decided to keep her identity a secret from him, for she believe it would change his mind on how he felt about her, and keep him safe from the O.T.H.E.R.S.

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May 1, 2017
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