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TiggerTennant Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice gallery so far you are very good at colouring with the use of both warm and cold colours  which not just makes a for a great atmosphere but makes the work really pop out  the art which really caught my attention was the one titled "ruby rose" again with the colours itself with the dark green/blue and bright red and silver with black just works extremely well the design itself is quite memorable and just by looking at the design you can guess the characters personally I also think you  have good technique with the colouring itself as it's not too harsh unless intentional for an effect its layered effectively rather than been flat 
another strength you have is spatial awareness example the work called original Disney dream the angel it is quite challenging to do two characters interacting with each other at an awkward perspective but you did it fairly well other then this you also have a nice style ^^

(sorry for writing a lot anyways keep up the good works :) )  
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