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2008 to 2018 -- The egg girl by kiomayoko 2008 to 2018 -- The egg girl by kiomayoko
Holy crap so I found my very first DeviantART account. (I have had three in the past 10 years :sweat:)

Do you see this though . . . part of me wants to cry with how much my style has changed. Not only that but I use color now too! I remember I used to swear up and down that I was only going to be a black and white artist.

So for the original honestly isn't terrible for the time, I would have only been 12 or 13.
- Pros : I was a bit for adventurous with posing an outfits. Even if they didn't make sense at all.
- Cons: The one hand the thumb is on the wrong side and its just messy.

An the present piece I did change the pose slightly I didn't go with a full body kinda just knees up and the pose makes a bit more sense. I also didn't so as many chickens, I noticed though the one that is on the bottom right has hearts and almost looks like it's coming out of her skirt. I also wish I would have done water color for the background instead of the marker.
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