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.Undertale: Fancomic - Extras 2.+

By Kintanga
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Another dumb little extra thingie toward my fancomic, 'Annoying Dog'. : ) 

>>My fan-comic<<…

Undertale and characters (c) Toby Fox
Art and fan-comic (c) Kintanga
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© 2016 - 2021 Kintanga
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If I had half of Sans’s sense of humor, I’d literally make AGT and win 1000/1.
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Very nice! Can we dub this?
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Paps in the 5th panel XD
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Wow, soon papyrus will have a T-BONE to pick with sans
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Hey, i'm from Brazil, and i wanna traduce this comic, it's for a community on Amino about Undertale, of course, giving your credits. (sorry for any error, i don't talk english so good)
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They should call that dog a pork-eranian, honestly. UC Logic (big version) Icon 2/3 UC Logic (big version) Icon 3/3 
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Pffft, aww! x'DD
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This is like the first time i laughed at his jokes lol
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Come one Sea don't get your head in a swirly

Lol that was bad
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OMG that literally made me laugh XDD

Im gonna take a screen shot of this lol
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no!?  dont make my pappy angry Angry Toriel Icon 
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Am I weird? I just imagined papyrus flipping his scarf ( the way girls flip their hair ) before leaving XD
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Nah, not at all.
I can totally see him doing that. x'D
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Pap just got DUNKED ON Sans the Skeleton-  Get Dunk'd 
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I was literally about to laugh my ass off! XD
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Heheheh, aww! Thanks! X'DD
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