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By Kintanga
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.Undertale Fancomic: Annoying Dog - Cover.+ by Kintanga

Floaty puppeh again. XD
Slightly animated on the Tumblr…

Old cover:
.Old cover_1.+ by Kintanga


Annyoing Dog by Korydile
Oh my goooosh~!! <33 
This amazingly awesome person, Korydile,
made fanart of my fancomic! X'D Such a freaking 
sweetheart! I want to thank you SO much again! 
I seriously love this so much! ; v ; Hah~!
[Sorry for not featuring this sooner OTL]

Small summary about the comic[for new readers]:
'Taking care of a new pet isn't all it's up to be~' 
This is a FAN-comic on my own view of how the 
annoying dog ended up in Sans's and Papyrus's life.
+MAIN FOCUS:  [Sans, Papyrus, white dog.]
+ADDITIONAL: [Snowdin background characters, Other main characters of UT.]

>>And this is set BEFORE Frisk

This comic will eventually touch base on things that 
happen in the game/will mention game related things.
You've been warned. ;3

Undertale/Characters (c) Toby Fox
Art/Comic (c) Kintanga
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© 2016 - 2021 Kintanga
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now sans has THE GOD OF UNDERTALE AS HIS PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ps anoyng dog is toby fox sooooooo hes the god of undertale)
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Hahah, yeah you can put it that way. : ) 
tooevol's avatar
now...................imagin the part ware u have to fight sans with dis dog!!!! OH MY TOBY FOX!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi, can i get your permission for translation of your comic?
Kintanga's avatar
Hello!! :3 Yeah, sure that would be cool!!
What language was it going to be? : >
Lampfhead's avatar
I will be translate in Russian language, for community: (:
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*epicly draws a pup with a skeleton* :'D
Mathew-Swift-VA's avatar
May I do a dubbing of your comic?
Kintanga's avatar
Of course! I would be so honored! ; v ;
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WAIT...Did you see DAT? 》Under《 (get it) the title it says CHARActers!
Aristocraps's avatar
I read the fancomic and I liked it but I realized something.
Sans adopted what is pretty much the physical manifestation of God.
Kintanga's avatar
Thank you so very much~!! : DD
And lol! Pfftt.. well, to be honest when I started the comic
I didn't know that Toby stated that the Annoying Dog 
was suppose to be him in the game. XDD;; 

I know now, but I plan on keeping the comic's
story the same as when I started it, hahah. 
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That dog gets more pretty the more you draw 'im.
Kintanga's avatar
Aww, well thank you!! : DD
256NatLiz's avatar
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They should adopt this doggie :D
Kintanga's avatar
UnTalentedChloe's avatar
I mean he would make a great human searching dog I mean he's everywhere in undertale
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Annoying Dog: The Movie!
Kintanga's avatar
Moolasses's avatar
Id pay to watch that movie
A-Z-U-R-A's avatar
*Dies of cuteness overload*Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale I'm Dead 
Kintanga's avatar
TT//v//TT You're too kind~
Thank you so very much! :hug:
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