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Queen of Hearts - Final

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Published: July 17, 2010
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Well this is my final design for the playing card major assignment... thing
I got like 90 something for it so... I guess it's good.

The prev two assignments I either did late or didn't present properly, this one had all required ducks in all required rows, and... hopefully... was good too.

Theres just so much to playing cards, in the lead up research i ofund so much interesting stuff, like that all the face cards of all the suits represent different fictional or historical characters, or that before that they used to be completely didfferent things. like swords wands suns cups wheels and all sorts of other crazy crap.

and that Australians actually use different dimension cards to a lot of other countrys, ours are narrower and... well yeah it goes on.

Done in illustrator CS5, major props to Chris Lawrence for being an awesome lecturer and showing me what half the things in illustrator do.

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Could you do a similar but with the Queen of Spades?
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I would like to get this deck produced by USPC in the US if possible, and could send you 500 free decks for allowing this. Hope you get back to me or check out for more your work...
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mikekearnHobbyist Digital Artist
I second the thought of buying a deck like this. I love playing cards, and a whole deck like this would be really quite fantastic.
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well youre far from the first person to say that so I'm thinkign this coming holidays I'll get to work on it if i can get time around my assignments
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Atashi-CloudHobbyist General Artist
This is a really great design for a card scheme, I'd buy a set of cards designed like this. :XD:
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I was so totally tempted to do that.... till i remembered I'd have to do like another 17 different uber complicated designs.

That being said, I most likely will at some point, the idea is just so tempting.

also, thanks for the positive, its a cool thought that I'd be able to sell my illustrations one day.... one day....
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Atashi-CloudHobbyist General Artist
yeah, it does look like a ton of work. But these designs are so awesome I'd really consider that option. You do great work on these designs, it'd be a shame to see them just left here on DA where it won't get much use.^^;

granted, I really do like this card design, it's perfect for casual playing cards.
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AldearaStudent Traditional Artist
Wow they look amazing, and it was done in illustrator? I'm finding I have a new found respect for those who accomplish amazing works in illustrator since it is the DEVIL!! lol Your color scheme works very well and the actually figures for some reason remind me of the art from D. Gray Man
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Well illustrator will bend to your will you have but to know some of its dark secrets, and speak its forbidden tongue. I can show you sometime if you like.

as for the D-Grey Man (International English FTW)ita most likely the fact that its a playing card, and a lot of D Grey Man is playing card themed. Also the mad queen does look quite a bit like Road with the ash black skin and smile
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DreilexHobbyist Digital Artist
Wonderfully complex cards. I love how you used the bone structure of a snake's jaws as a part of the theme. (Or at least, that's what I interpret they are.) They're much darker than the majority of card sets I've seen around, which is definitely a part of the appeal, and Illustrator's clean lines just make it pop.


Also, as far as understanding the many original card faces, I find it easier for me after having played SMT: Persona 3 & 4. Tarot Cards are a large part of the central theme to the two, and besides they're excellent titles I highly recommend.
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Its actually a Tiger skull, I basically put it in here because tiger skulls made up a decent proportion of my work for this semester... made one out of skulpey and everything... I should probably post that thinking about it... i keep trying to get people interested in skulls since i did my little mini study of them,
You can tell so much about something by its skull, like with tigers, their faces are built like a bowling ball, and the whole thing is just there to move their fangs, its fucking intense, and if you want to hit their brain, its just this tiny thing at the base of the spine about the size of a lime... yup anatomy gets me hard alright

And yeah, not many cards are black, reason being of course cards are supposed to be an anywhere activity meaning ease of visibility in any lighting conditions, so practicality really suffers there but... my class is about 50 odd people so i gotta do something to stand out ^^

As for the persona games, I rather liked them in the PSX days but the last one I played was a ps2 one that seemed half dungeon crawler half dating sim(same complaint as GTA4), and everyone seemed rather keen on shooting themselves... and really wasn't my cup'o tea, though that one for DS does sound good
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