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Tagged by both StarriiArii and foxryk !
1) their first design vs. current design
She's changed quite a bit!!
OUTDATED by kinq-ratOUTDATED by kinq-ratRowan Temp. Ref by kinq-rat
2) why are they your fursona?
I feel like she suits me?? idk

3) whats different between you and your fursona?
I have blue eyes and she has green, She's also an animal and im a person : ))

4) their theme song
Greek Tragedy or 2:09!! 2:09 is something that fits her a lil more tho

5) give them a canon voice!
Probably my voice!

6) what does your fursona love and hate?
She loves plants, rain, cold cloudy days, and the nighttime. She hates hot, sunny days, dry air, variants of trap music, and having to sleep

7) their body type vs. yours
I try to make her look how my body is, but she is very small in her feral form, in her anthro form she's my height tho 

8) how strong is your connection to your fursona?
Very strong!! I don't change her design much anymore :0c

9) is your fursona shipped with someone elses character? if so, who?
foxryk 's sona Loki as a canon ship, but her crack ships are StarriiArii 's sona Ari and MelodyFierce 's sona Mel!!

10) who/what is your fursona based off of?
I tried to take my sona's palette from succulents!

11) do you wish your fursona was real?
Kinda?? she'd be so soft to pet n stuff...

12) how much did you spend on art for them so far?
I have no idea anymore??? she has 72 pieces of art but i'll do the math later lmao

13) where would your fursona live if they were real?
Still California!!

14) have you ever sold/traded them before?
Nope!! Shes all mine >:3c 

15) their favorite holiday
Probably 4th of July!! She loves the beach

16) pick a movie character they relate to most!
Probably Peter Parker from spiderman:homecoming!

17) pick a videogame character they relate to most!
Chloe from Life Is Strange!!

18) when were they born (created)?
Last year!!

19) who is their best friend?
WxnderWall PEPSIGUTS StarriiArii Tired-Magician 

20) did you create them?

21) their favorite season

22) do you have a fursuit of them? if not, do you want one?

23) how long have they been your fursona?
Around a year!!

24) how many times have they been redesigned/altered?
3 major times!!

25) their favorite restaurant
Idk anywhere with fish

26) do they have any phobias?
Fire alarms, sirens, EAS is a main one, along with irrational fear of heights
Loud noises isn't as much of a main one but is still a big one

27) name one thing people forget when drawing them
Her tufts aren't like lynx tufts, her ears themselves are shaped like that, also the outer color on her mask is the same light brown on her back\

28) favorite art piece of them
04 By Luxraes-dch871q by kinq-ratRowan  By Saiiorrr-dcdkk6w by kinq-ratrowan by StarkkedOwo by kinq-rat


29) do they represent you or a part of you?
She is completely me!

30) tell me one fun fact of them!
She seems soft but will Cut You very badly

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renteu Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
I JST NOTICED you put my artfight thing on here :'D im glad you still like it sfafsd
WxnderWall Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rowan is the best don’t @ me
MelodyFierce Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dang right Molly for the win, they need new ship art since Mels changed too ;>
kinq-rat Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
PEPSIGUTS Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2018
I’m so honored...
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August 10, 2018