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Thresh - League of Legends

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My Genderbend Thresh cosplay from League of Legends

Proper photos coming soon!
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nice dress.....i like it...peace...that same here like always but i get permission from 2 doctor to you are ok.....
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I love your cosplaying do you make the outfits yourself?
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WOW! Outstanding.
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Does that mean Lucian's wife is also genderbent??;; 
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It only means she is a liberal cosplayer.
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That has nothing pertaining to what I said.
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What you said has nothing pertaining to the fact she's cosplaying a female Thresh.
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Yes. Because she's female thresh, would that make the woman in the lantern male?
Know the lore kid.
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Thresh has thousands of souls stored in his lantern, and none of them are part of him or related to his own gender. He could harvest Senna's soul even if he was a woman. Senna's gender is not influenced by some dead dude's gender.
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You are taking it so damn seriously. I made a joke over the souls getting gender bent with him.
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I'm a serious individual.
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Looks uncomfortable but worth it lol.
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Whoa, that's amazing!
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Awesome Work!!!!
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omg wow. This is probably the best tresh I have ever seen. You did amazing work!
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this is fricking wicked
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