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Sister of Battle - Warhammer 40k

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My Sister of Battle cosplay from Warhammer 40k! 

Based on the design from Ted Beargeon

Photo by Eric Solomon
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Apr 6, 2018, 4:55:18 PM
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amazingly well-done.

Amazing!!! Wish I could wear this outfit to work :D Very Talented and Beautiful x

LordHannu's avatar

Nice work!

How long time did it take to make?

 (That is astounding work. Great respect, you really went all out.)
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Oh my gosh this is amazing I'm not a huge Warhammer fan but I gotta admit just Damn thats impressive.
LordSia's avatar
If you were a model, I'd be buying you by the dozen.

... Erm, you know what I mean.
Absolutely amazing.
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Superb Cosplay.

Great work.

Clap Clap Clap 
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It's a bloody weird thing to do, but you do it very well here.
DeepDark00-0's avatar
Now that's accuracy in cosplaying.  Holy crap.
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This is insane! Do you build all the weapons and armour? Really impressive level of detail.
Viltas's avatar
Wow. Impressive love for detail
Raazorfiend's avatar
wow, very well done
Rafael-Galvao's avatar
WOW!!!!! I have no words, amazing!!!!!
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Yes! A cosplay I get. Amazing detail. No a fan of the high heels. What's in the pouches? What do you purity seals say on them? How does it take to get into all that armour? How durable is it? If you acted out a fight scene, could the armour take it the strain? How's your range of movement? Limiting? You should put together a full squad.
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Wow, what an awesome action figure. So lifelike =P
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For the Emperor!!
bobgens's avatar
Impressive!  Great attention to the detail here!  Wonder how many subordinates it takes to get you into this armor ;-)
JobDraconis's avatar
Your work is amazing. At first I though it was a 3d render. The details and the look of the items are as close as what a real armor of that kind would look like. The "toy-like" effect of most cosplay is almost nonexistent in the work of yours. Very impressive!
lol love the fact your on a Warhammer base 
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Hah! Dig the stand. Awesome touch. Very nice work. 
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