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Roadhog - Overwatch

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My version of Female Roadog from Overwatch

Cosplay, photo and editing by me
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Sep 2, 2016, 4:03:57 PM
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Rinthesharkdaddy's avatar
Bambou-137's avatar
Bishoujo Roadhog. Love Heart Heart Heart 
SocQA's avatar
Awesome cosplay, great job! :)
MixedSilverZero's avatar
RanxXxu's avatar
but.....Roadhog is fat......... 
Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
He's also a dude too, so what?
RanxXxu's avatar
if you make genderbend version, it could even look like female version of that character... 
-_- this is very bad version of roadhog in all matter XD 
Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
So it's okay to change the gender but not weight?
Good grief
RanxXxu's avatar
no, i didnt say that. i hate genderbent cosplay, but if they do it, they should at least try to look like the character as female...not just "my oc" -kinda marysue way XD
Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
But they DO look like Roadhog, even if you remove the title, you can still tell that this girl
is the character. The only problem is the wight?
RanxXxu's avatar
there's no point talking about this with you. 
i have my opinion and you have yours. 
Jasmine-Lotus's avatar
Well sure opinions, but no disrespect that's kind of a cop out.
I didn't know a character's weight can make or break the cosplay. But that's okay. I'll just leave it alone.
ukeleletea's avatar
this is the best thing i have ever seen
Mari-kid's avatar
I love this! :D
RakSharThePaladinGod's avatar
My friend always calls Roadhog Bacon and he despises him from the heart. He even removed me from his friend list cause I played as him XD I wonder if his opinion changes if he Sees this Roadbae
ArtAdmirer1-75th's avatar
Heart LoveI LOVE Seeing Ladies Wearing Camouflage! Heart 'HOOOAAH!' Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Heart I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you! I salute you!LoveHeart
shanque72's avatar
:D I love Roadhog!
PlusMann's avatar
Looks More Like Mad Max :)
JordanMcFighter's avatar
Welcome to the apocalypse!
JennyLaKill's avatar
Really good cosplay
mEnvY's avatar
riven's roadhog skin hahaha, well done :D
Capi-Larry's avatar
Wig and lenses read very anime/Naruto. Good setup with the chain. Noice fake tattoo. You lose weight?
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